WIN Two Tickets to Paradise- Island Green Talks Reef Safe Sunscreen

WIN Two Tickets to Paradise- Island Green Talks Reef Safe Sunscreen 1

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with Island Green to promote their “Two Tickets to Paradise” fundraiser.  By buying a raffle ticket (or ten!), you not only get the opportunity to win an ALL-INCLUSIVE trip to St. John, but you are also supporting a super important organization on island.

Did you know that non-reef safe sunscreen is actually illegal in the USVI?  Our coral reefs here are in trouble and the increased amount of traffic, both on boats and beaches, this year hasn’t been helpful to their recovery.  But, by using non-toxic sun protection, you can help to preserve our marine life.  And Island Green has been at the forefront of the initiatives to protect that precious underwater world that we all enjoy so much!

WIN Two Tickets to Paradise- Island Green Talks Reef Safe Sunscreen 2
Image credit: Ruth Lacey

A lot of messages have come in regarding Reef Safe sunscreen, so I asked the folks at Island Green to write something up for you!  Read on about the sunscreen initiatives in the USVI and BUY A RAFFLE TICKET in support of this great cause AND your next St. John getaway.

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New Activity Alert- Self Guided Historical Tour of Cruz Bay

New Activity Alert- Self Guided Historical Tour of Cruz Bay 3

If you are interested in more than just happy hours and sunshine when you are visiting St. John, this is something you should definitely pick up!  One thing that gets overlooked by many visitors to St. John is the rich history of the island and her people.  The St. John Historical Society just rolled out a colorfully designed map with a self guided walking tour of Cruz Bay.  So, on your next trip, you can add a little history and culture into your vacation!

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Live Music Update

Live Music Update 5

Good Morning!  Things are in full swing on island with live music happening nightly at a few establishments and sporadic traveling acts being scheduled at various venues.  Oh, and music is BACK at the Beach Bar!  March kicked off with VI Jam Fest bringing some world class musicians to St. John and I can’t tell you how good it felt to be watching and listening to a full band right in front of me again.  So, if you’re passionate about live music, like myself, and REALLY missed it while it was gone, read on so you can get your fill while you’re on St. John this month!

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Traditional Thanksgiving Regatta and Race will take place Saturday November 28, 2020

Traditional Thanksgiving Regatta and Race will take place Saturday November 28, 2020 6

“That virus” everyone’s been talking about for the last year may slightly alter this year’s Coral Bay Thanksgiving Regatta, but NOTHING will stop these dedicated sailors from continuing this beloved St. John tradition!

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Trunk Resumes Fee Collection; Cinnamon Continues Construction

Trunk Resumes Fee Collection; Cinnamon Continues Construction 8

We’ve got some updates about two of your favorite St. John beaches!

Several months ago, the National Park Service (NPS) suspended most of their operations over health and safety concerns for their employees, volunteers, and visitors due to COVID-19.  The suspension of services resulted in the temporary closure of hiking trails, bathroom and shower facilities, and the National Park Visitor Center on St. John.  One nice perk that came from the closure was the suspension of the collection of admission fees at Trunk Bay.  Our island residents took full advantage of the fee waiver and had the beach nearly all to ourselves all summer!

Trunk Resumes Fee Collection; Cinnamon Continues Construction 9
A nearly empty Trunk Bay was a rare gift for St. John residents this summer!

This week, with guidance from the White House, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local public health authorities, and the US Virgin Islands Governor’s Executive Order easing some of the virus restrictions, the NPS is transitioning their re-opening on St. John in a phased approach.

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Business Spotlight: Shop On-Line at the Honeymoon Beach Boutique

Business Spotlight: Shop On-Line at the Honeymoon Beach Boutique 11

One of my favorite things about visiting the BVI are the little beach boutiques! Soggy Dollar Bar, Foxy’s and Sydney’s Peace and Love all have really eclectic shirts, cups, stickers and other merch that I have accumulated over the years and always remind me of a great day on the water! I’m happy to say that several little boutiques like this have popped up in the USVI. So you can get your souvenir shopping fix during a great day on the water right here on St. John.

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St. John Tours: See the Island with Me!

St. John Tours: See the Island with Me! 12

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! We just wanted to take a quick moment today to remind you all that we conduct island tours here on St. John.

We started conducting island tours in each 2017, and the reception has been amazing! I absolutely love this island, and I love sharing that love with all of you. Whether this is your first visit to the island or if you are a repeat guest, I guarantee you will see something new. In fact, at least half of my guests are repeat visitors to the island!

During your tour, we will do a little sightseeing – St. John has some of the most beautiful views in the world. We will check out some of the island’s stunning beaches – who doesn’t want to dip their toes in our beautiful Caribbean waters! We can stop at one or more of the island’s sugar plantation ruins, and we can even do some light hiking if you’d like. I can guarantee some sea turtles sightings and we usually stumble on the donkeys too! I will tell you about the history of the island, and I can share with you the current happenings on island. Most importantly, we will have fun!

So you may be wondering what makes my tour different from the other island tours? Well, what makes us different is that we are the only, personalized tour on St. John. I will take guests pretty much anywhere they want to go. The taxi tours are sometimes limited in where they are able to go, but not us. I enjoy taking my guests off the beaten path and to out-of-the-way spots that they would typically never see. Another difference is that I can only take up to four guests and I never combine groups, so it’s a more private and personal tour. When I am out and about with my guests, it’s more like I am out with friends. And I love that.

So what types of tours do we offer? Well here are the details:

  • Half-Day Tours: For those of you who want to see a great deal of the island, but do not want to commit a whole vacation day to a tour, our three-hour, half-day tours are for you! These tours are great for those of you who would like to see the island from the eyes of an insider, but you do not want to commit to an entire day to touring the island. During this tour, we can still do some sightseeing, we can check out the beaches, ruins, and do some super light hiking (like a tenth of a mile walk in the woods to a beautiful site) while learning about the island’s history and current happenings. The only difference with this tour is that the stops are a bit shortened when compared to our full day tours. We offer half-day tours from 9 a.m. to noon or from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The cost for a half-day tour is $300.
  • Full-Day Tours: Our full day tour is five hours long and includes a lunch stop in Coral Bay or over at Lime Out. During these tours, we can see nearly the entire island if you’d like to. We can check out the beaches, ruins, hiking trails and more! If you’d like to spend some time snorkeling with the turtles, we can do that! Want to see the more obscure, out of the way places? We can do that too! Again, all tours are completely customizable, so we will do exactly what you want! Don’t have an itinerary? Well we’ll provide options and you can choose what you would like to do and see! The cost for a full-day tour is $425.
  • Land and Sea Tours: We offer St. John’s only land and sea tour. For this tour, we partner with our friends at Flyaway Charters in Coral Bay. These tours are six hours long. For our land and sea tours, guests spend the first half of the tour exploring on land with me, and then they spend the second half of the day on the water with Flyaway Charters. These tours are really the best of both worlds for someone who wants to see all that St. John has to offer in just one day. You can do some snorkeling at some great offshore spots and even visit Pizza Pi, the Caribbean’s floating pizza boat, or Lime Out, St. John’s floating taco boat! Flyaway Charters can also provide a great deal of history of the island. The cost for a land and sea tour is $600. Fuel for the boat is not included, and costs between $50 and $100 depending on where you choose to travel.

All prices are per tour.

Don’t they all sound great! Who is ready to book??!

If you are staying in the Cruz Bay area, I will happily pick you up right at your villa, condo or hotel. If they are staying outside of the Cruz Bay area, we can arrange a meeting point. We’ll pick you up with a cooler filled with water and ice, and if you’d like, we can bring along a jug of Painkillers for an additional $50 fee. We have beach chairs, noodles and boogie boards for you to use throughout the day. And to make your day even better, we can even take the top off of the Jeep!

You can book directly with me either by emailing me at [email protected], or by messaging me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/newsofstjohn. Please let me know which tour you prefer, as well as your preferred date.

Want to know what other guests have said? Then please check out my reviews on TripAdvisor.

I look forward to meeting you all and showing you just how amazing this little island is! Thanks everyone, and have a great day!

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