Local Musicians Catalog

Local Musicians Catalog

Good morning!

Are you planning a vacation to St. John soon, and you have a mental checklist of everything you need before your arrival?

What do you have so far?

  1. plane tickets (I always recommend buying these as early as possible!)
  2. accommodations – villa, airbnb, or hotel?
  3. car rental, if necessary
  4. and of course, reef safe sunscreen

Now that you have all the essentials out of the way, the fun part of planning can start. What about a unique live music experience that could come to you? Or a sunset concert on a catamaran? Going into Cruz Bay to listen to some late-night live shows is a must do, but what if you want a night in with a similar experience? With an eclectic group of talented artists on this island, ranging from blues to psychedelic rock, there is surely something for everyone that can make your vacation unforgettable.

We’ve created a local musician’s catalog (in alphabetical order) to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and to make bookings easier. This list is constantly being updated. If you are a musician local to St. John and would like to be added to the catalog, please reach out to  [email protected]

Artists Catalog

Aaron Strickland

Local Musicians Catalog 1

Genre/Style: Influences pulled from bluegrass, psychedelic experimental rock, punk, jazz, and indie, mostly.

From the moment Aaron Strickland raises the guitar strap over his head, player and instrument become one and are an electrifying fusion that takes the audience along for a visceral journey way beyond the venue in which he may be playing.

The magnetic electric guitarist behind several projects on St. John, it is not uncommon to see him on stage with bands such as the Real Housewives, Darin Keech and Friends, Moss Henry and the Nasty Girls, and of course his own project, Mother Goat. Recently, Joel Cummins, the accomplished keyboardist of the renowned progressive rock/jam band Umphrey’s McGee, graced the stage at Lovango Rum Bar, where he was skillfully accompanied by Strickland on the electric guitar.

“The way I describe my music is a never-ending quest of understanding and expanding my knowledge so that I am able to express my emotions and myself in the best way that I know how. I possess an immense volume of passion for music and will carry that passion until the end.

I am an eclectic musician who can easily adapt to whoever I am playing with, and my main goal is to always serve the song 100%. My playing style is about feeling, and I exercise expressing those emotions through melodically crafting my soul into a song someone can hear. Smooth. Groove. Jam.”

Strickland can be reached by email at [email protected] for bookings and accompaniment inquiries.

Chasing Hues

Local Musicians Catalog 2

Genre/Style: They are a modern acoustic duo comprised of hub and wife singer songwriters Scott Henry and Anysia. Chasing Hues specializes in private events in addition to yacht or villa dinners, even pairing with a private chef to play around sunset time. 

Self-described as “modern acoustic because we play an array of genres and as a duo perform with a full looping set up and really love to layer for a nice full sound.”

This past year, Chasing Hues released Mood Medicine, an album composed of 16 songs and categorized into 4 moods (Bright, Swoon, Deep, Lift). Available to stream on their website and Spotify now!

Darin Keech

Local Musicians Catalog 3

Genre/Style: Darin Keech focuses on a jam band style covering many classic artists such as Grateful Dead, Beatles, and Neil Young. A multi-faceted artist, Keech is a lead vocalist, guitarist, and plays the harmonica. He plays as a duo, trio, and full band as Darin Keech and Friends at several venues on St. John. Off the stage, Darin assumes the role of a sailing captain, steering his vessel, Poets’ Lounge Sailing Charters, during summers in Mystic, Connecticut, and winters on St. John.

For private bookings and accompaniment inquiries, contact Keech here. Or if you want to go for a full day or sunset sail – he’d got you covered there as well!

The Echo People

Local Musicians Catalog 4

Genre/Style: a 6th generation islander, local legend Ital is the leading man in this Afro-Caribbean music group. With a blend of traditional percussion instruments, the Echo People are a fusion of rhythmic vibrancy and soulful expression, reflecting the rich and diverse musical heritage of the Afro-Caribbean culture.


Erin Hart of IslandGirlMusic

Local Musicians Catalog 5

Genre/Style: The quintessential island music, Erin Hart delivers those feel-good acoustic tunes with her powerful and inspiring vocals. A true island girl at heart, Erin’s music takes the mind to those sunny, white sands beach days with a pina colada in hand, wherever you may be.

“Over the years, IslandGirlMusic – Erin Hart has become a fixture in the St. John music scene, with most of her original tunes a nod to the lifestyle and lessons from her time in the Caribbean. Erin’s laid-back acoustic style and poignant lyrics embrace the idea of “Living. Loving. Growing,” her personal mantra inspired by island life.”

IslandGirlMusic is available for private events, sunset sails, and can be seen playing at select venues around St. John and neighboring islands. She regularly plays a “Strings, Sails, and Sunsets” concert every Wednesday on a private charter.

Her albums, Living.Loving.Growing and Universal Language are available for streaming and purchase on her website.

Eva and Mark

Local Musicians Catalog 6

Genre/Style: Featuring classic songs fused with a Caribbean twist, Eva and Mark can be found singing your favorite tunes during happy hour at local bars like Lovango Rum Bar and The Windmill Bar. They are also available for private bookings.

“We’re an eclectic duo with a Caribbean influence and sounds of Detroit Mo-Town. Spanning from jazz to classic rock to calypso, we love what we do, and it’s the essence of who we are.. really, we’re just grateful to be doing this!”

From Broheem with Love

Local Musicians Catalog 7

Genre/Style: Combined with Pamela Love’s powerful vocals, Broheem’s smooth yet fierce saxophone sounds are perfect for a romantic sunset sail, intimate dinner at home (pair with Chef Vinny), and weddings. By pairing backing tracks with live instrumentation and vocals, From Broheem with Love is a modern take on the world of jazz.

“We incorporate organic elements of Classic Jazz Standards, Neo-Classical Soul, and Contemporary Rhythm and Blues. John Coltrane, Sade, Dave Brubeck, Whitney Houston, Thelonious Monk, Alicia Keys and Sam Smith are just a few of the artists you will hear at this soul revival. Broheem’s scorching but passionate sax solos will entertain, seduce and move you and Pam’s sensual vocals and lustrous tone will touch your senses and soothe your soul.”

This wonderful duo can be seen throughout the week at the Westin, Cruz Bay Landing, and Lovango Rum Bar. Bookings and further info about Broheem with Love and other projects can be found here.

Ikema on the Steel Pan

Local Musicians Catalog 8
credit to Saint John Island Guide

Genre/Style: Experience the musical culture of the Caribbean with Ikema on the Steel Pan. An icon to St. Thomas and St. John, Ikema provides rich harmonies solo, or as a band with other musicians.

“Panman Dyer weaves a web of smooth sounds, a complex mixture of Caribbean and pop custom-chosen for each occasion. Mr. Dyer delights with his improvisational licks and warm undertones of his fine instrument.”

Below is a sample of Ikema’s incredible talent on the steel pan, accompanied by Bo on an 8-string guitar, uploaded on YouTube by Lauren and Bo Magnie.

Jared Warren

Local Musicians Catalog 9

Genre/Style: With several different projects under his belt, Jared Warren is a talented multi-instrumentalist who can play the keys, percussion, and guitar. On vocals and keys, Warren is currently a part of three bands: Splendid Company, The ISH, and Mother Goat. Splendid Company plays a collection of original music, the ISH is an 8-member party band, and Mother Goat is a jam band powerhouse, all bands showcasing the many different talents of St. John’s music scene.

” Jared specializes in rhythm and percussion driven world/island groove music, but with his Colorado roots, has the experience and depth to produce and perform nearly any style or genre of music. With a huge network of musicians from around the world, Jared can offer timely delivered professional sounding pieces for any project.”

In addition to Mother Goat, The Big ISH, and Splendid Company, Jared is the enigmatic force behind WonderLost Music. Their latest album, Coralectronica is a collection of experimental electronic and jazzy grooves. Truly a unique artist, Jared will customize his sound for any private event. 

Lauren & Bo

Local Musicians Catalog 10

Genre/Style: A family-oriented band with an upbeat, positive feel similar to the likes of Jack Johnson and Michael Franti. With easy-going island sounds, you can find them playing open mic night at Miss Lucy’s in Coral Bay or at Beach Bar with Just Friends on Monday nights.

 “I feel like my main job as a singer is to connect with people and help create a positive exchange of energy where we feel things together. And I also strive to have a nice smooth vocal tone. Bo is a multi-instrumentalist (his current main instrument is an 8-string guitar/bass hybrid, in addition to traditional guitar, ukulele and percussion). We have a pretty broad repertoire of crowd favorites that we try to put our own spin on, along with our original songs which are mostly inspired by the natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle of our sweet island home. “

Check out Lauren and Bo’s CD, along with a collection of their live recordings here on their webpage.

Moss Henry and the Nasty Girls

Local Musicians Catalog 11

Genre/Style: With a collection of original music and southern rock/country covers, Moss Henry and the Nasty Girls plays a wide variety of music here on St. John. You can find Moss playing solo, happy hour sets at Windmill Bar, or you can find him (in a sequined blazer, no less) playing at Lovango Rum Bar with the Nasty Girls (Taylor Lissandrello on drums, Jalil Jahantab on bass/vocals, and Aaron Strickland on electric guitar) misbehaving and playing those rowdy, late night shows. Depending on the place, crowd, and his accompaniment, each show has a twist different from the last.

Available for private charter and in villa bookings, Moss’ full schedule and availability can be found here.


Mother Goat

Local Musicians Catalog 12

Genre/Style: An eclectic powerhouse of funk and jam with psychedelic undertones, Mother Goat is a guaranteed crowd pleaser at any party! 

Jared Warren on keys/vocals, Aaron Strickland on guitar/vocals, Taylor Lissandrello on percussion, and Jalil Jahantab on bass/vocals (individually listed on here, as well)

In addition to their experimental sounds, legendary Mother Goat brings the funk with captivating lighting, dramatic stage props, comedic promotional posters, and occasionally a coordinated ensemble reminiscent of a Tim Burton-esque circus show from the last century.

This past year, Mother Goat released an album, Circus in the Cistern, and played at Summer Camp Music Festival 2023. A description of Mother Goat from the Summer Camp lineup page:

“First sightings of Mother Goat from the dark side of the tiny island they call home are legendary and bizarre with several dashes of psychoactive lore and a touch of coconut telegraph hearsay. Mother Goat’s recent album release “Circus in the Cistern” is dripping in space rock and creepy cistern reverb. With a huge catalog of diverse original music to fuel the spaceship, they invite you on board for a ride.”

Each member can be seen playing with notable projects (most bands tour on St. John every few months during high season) like The Housewives of St. John, Shred is Dead, and the Easy Riders. They are also available for solo bookings.

“Extra Furrestrial” from Circus in the Cistern

RC Sanders (of After Irma)

Local Musicians Catalog 13

Genre/Style: St. John’s music scene wouldn’t be the same without RC. As prevalent on this island as the painkiller cocktail and beautiful sunsets, an After Irma or RC show checks all the boxes when it comes to a lively, must-see performance. Not limited to boundaries, RC Sanders (often paired with a violin for After Irma) plays a range of crowd favorites. Folk, island groove, and alternative rock are all sounds you can here at an RC Sanders show.

After Irma was formed by members from a band called St Groovus who reconnected after the 2017 hurricanes left many homeless and scattered.  Adding the epic sound of the violin to rhythm and Island groove, After Irma has discovered a fun and unique vibe.

After Irma’s album, St. Groovus is available to stream and purchase on their website. Here is where you can also find their live music schedule.

Scotty Rohlfsen

Local Musicians Catalog 14

Genre/Style: Versatile on style and genre; a family friendly, interactive experience, guitarist Scotty’s feel-good, tunes are a must hear for people of all ages. He can be seen playing solo or with various groups around St. John.

“An emphasis on jazz and funk, especially with the original music but certainly a blues guitar player at heart and a skilled drummer of many genres”

Scotty hosts an open mic night at Johnny Lime in Coral Bay on Tuesdays 5-8pm, so go see him and the motley crew of musicians on the other side of the island!

Taylor Lissandrello

Local Musicians Catalog 15

Genre/Style: While most flow within the ordinary rhythm of real life, Taylor Lissandrello exist on a plane elevated above this reality. Taylor’s hypnotic percussion playing reels in the listener and projects them onto the ethereal plane that he himself resides on. His passion for music is palpable, and while his compositions may not resonate with everyone, those who grasp its essence find themselves deeply surrounded in poetic anemoia. 

An enigmatic force behind the St. John music scene and a true artist at heart, Taylor is a songwriter, poet, percussionist and guitarist. Creative mind behind solo project Wicked Winds and percussionist for bands Mother Goat and Real Housewives, Lissandrello is often seen playing various venues around St. John. On the rare occasion he is not performing, he works tirelessly to bring this island’s many talented musicians together for different events.

Give Wicked Winds a listen here on Spotify. For bookings and accompaniment, reach out to Taylor Lissandrello here.

Ted Wyman

Local Musicians Catalog 16

Genre/Style: A wide range covering country and classic rock, you can find Ted singing at your local beach bar (or the world famous Beach Bar!) year-round either on the Cape or down in the Caribbean.

“Take the humor and stage presence of Jimmy Buffett, mix in the intelligence and craft of Warren Zevon, and add the energy and enthusiasm of Kenny Chesney and Bruce Springsteen, and you come up with Ted Wyman: a witty, charismatic, and energetic tour de force whose music is first and foremost about the audience experience, with each song designed to fit the event, the venue, the crowd, and the vibe. “

A blend of all the rollicking classics, Ted Wyman is nothing short of a good time. He can be seen playing at local spots like DR!NK, Beach Bar, and Sun Dog Cafe. Ted is also available for private shows – the quintessential happy hour music after a sun-soaked day at the beach! Check out his social media for a schedule and his website for bookings.

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