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Frank Barnako launched News of St. John back in 2004 as a way to increase exposure to his then-island rental. It started as a text email and soon morphed into an online website filled with news and information pertaining to the island of St. John.

After running the site for 9 years, Frank decided to focus on his photography and listed the site for sale. Jenn Manes purchased News of St. John in 2013.

Jenn successfully ran the site for seven years. On May 27, 2020, she announced it had sold to a new team focused on continuing the great storytelling and expanding the platform to include radio and other media.

Jenn remains on St. John and continues to offer island tours via her new website ExploreSTJ. You can reach Jenn directly at [email protected], on Facebook at www.facebook.com/explorestj or by visiting her website www.ExploreSTJ.com


Jenn Trunk Bay
Jenn Manes

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