Second gas station ‘soon come’

Looked like some employee training was going on at the E&C
Service Station
at Enighed Saturday morning.  A  number of people were
standing near the new gasoline pumps, apparently being instructed how to operate them. In another sign that reopening may be imminent, workers spent most
of the week painting handrails around the service bays and a sign that will show gasoline prices was erected.

The station’s
been closed several months and was originally expected to reopen in
December. But word that O’Connor’s, the other gas station in Cruz Bay,
will likely be closing this summer when construction of traffic
roundabout begins, apparently spurred the owner of E&C to expand
its facility and add two more gas pumps. When O’Connor’s closes,
E&C will be the only station in town, as O’Connor’s has been for
about six months.

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