Hooters does St. John

Guess what just pulled into Great Cruz Bay, off the Westin beach? 

Hooter Patrol IV, a new 97-foot yacht which, its Web site suggests, is a corporate boat. Girls_1

Even before you could see the name, you noticed the Hooters-orange rubber dinghy trailing the white yacht.

Mrs. Inquiring Iguana
quickly rushed to the Blue Tang binoculars and reported, "The girls went below deck." Three guys were on the top deck, kind of piloting.  Two others, wearing orange shirts (!), were in the back.

Then a group motored into the Westin.  Mrs. I.I. said, "There they go, shopping, handbags in hand. Five chickie-wickies." The girls got out of the boat themselves, didn’t wait for anyone to help them, she added.

Wait there’s more.  She then espied five other girls getting into another dinghy. So far, that’s 10 females and five guys. 

Mrs. I.I. said, "Maybe it’s an employee incentive thing."  

6 thoughts on “Hooters does St. John”

  1. Frank – Is your wife really going to let you “run loose” with 10 Hooter Girls on the island? Have you found those binoculars yet?

  2. Pam:
    I am happy to say that Mrs. Inquiring Iguana hogged the binoculars. She did play-by-play for me, which let me write the post.
    We later heard that, since the yacht left Great Cruz, and we could see the girls on the beach, that they took a cab to town where they clustered together and acted “dumb as a rock,” according to an in-town informant.
    The girls and the ship did not return to the Bay. Guess they were just island-hopping.

  3. Well – with your beautiful island, stuff which is connected to “Hooters” will just take away from the real scenery!!!!!!

  4. We saw Hooter Patrol in Soper’s Hole and North Sound on Sunday and Tuesday-Wednesday. In Soper’s my father got out his binoculars and reported some topless sunbathing (and some serious implants). It looked like a bunch of young nubiles and some middle-aged guys.
    Too, too funny for words!

  5. Well, gee swell. I’ve got to drive over the hill to Hooters in Santa Monica to get buffalo wings and see them. While some guys with more money can bring them along for a boat ride. I should have worked harder.

  6. Frank- your newsletter is awesome. Keep it coming. Any updates on the barges coming in from St Thomas? Last I heard only 1 was running of the 3. Are they all back in service? We’re coming to town in 2 weeks and will need to use the barge. Any tips on using the barge?

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