Nearly ATM-less in Cruz Bay

first bank closed

Cruz Bay is practically ATM-less now that First Bank has officially closed the doors at its downtown location.

As of Friday, March 6, the ATMs at the former First Bank location have been removed leaving the only 24/7 ATM down the road at Mongoose Junction. Banco Popular has two ATMs right around the corner, but the last two times we’ve attempted to use them, they did not work. There are, however, a few ATMs scattered throughout the local bars. First Bank is now operating out of the Marketplace where it has a new branch and two ATMs on the first floor.

first bank sign

new first bank

new atms

We’re not sure what’s happening at the old First Bank location, but we can say that the building was cleared out very quickly. We hear it’s going to be a new retail complex with a possible hotel. We’ll keep you all posted as we learn more.

first bank dumpster

6 thoughts on “Nearly ATM-less in Cruz Bay”

  1. The new location is great. Went in yesterday and there were actually three tellers in place and working! Just like a real bank.

  2. If you have a Scotia account and use an ATM on St. John. Scotia will refund you the charge but you have to call them and request it. We have done this several times.

    • I know! I always laugh (and cringe) when I see those nasty looking dumpsters on the side of the road. All that beauty and then, bam, nasty smelly trash. Seems like there should be more of a priority to hide that stuff.

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