Health Care Tips for Ex Pats Living in the Caribbean


One of the biggest struggles about living on St. John and in the Virgin Islands is finding quality and affordable health care. Our friends over at Offshore Health Benefits sent us some tips to share with all of you who are looking for quality and affordable health care.

Tip of the Day: Should you go direct with a global medical insurance company, or should you go with a protected group which covers individuals and families at a 25% discount and assist with claims?

Going direct could cost an applicant more in premium dollars and may result in a lack of claim services down the road. At Offshore Health Benefits, we use the power of our client pool to obtain discounts not found on any international insurance websites. Plus, we audit our represented companies each year with regards to claims service, rates and communication. You do not save money going direct. We will actually save a member 25% through our group, the CEMG.

There are a few expatriate associations that do not have licensed agent-brokers representing them. THis can frustrate members when they submit claims which are not paid in a timely manner or perhaps not paid at all. In these cases, who is going to help you? A lawyer? How much would this cost? The main job of any international broker is to listen and assist with chosing the correct plan and most importantly, fight to have claims paid in a reasonable time frame. Many companies on the internet are not what they appear to be.

There is no additional cost for us to help. If you talk to expatriates who have had issues with claims, ask them who is representing them with the claims? Every member needs a third party advocate.

Since 2002, Offshore Health Benefits has paid millions of dollars in claims. Don’t wait until an emergency happens; it may be too late.

If you are interested in learning more about Offshore Health Benefits, visit our website at OffshoreHealthBenefits.com. You can find us on Facebook by clicking here. You can also email us at [email protected] or call (512) 296-4976.

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