Money for new St. John school

Gov. John deJongh Jr. is asking VI Senate approval to float $400 million in bonds for public works projects, including the design, construction and equipping of a new school on St. John. 

The package also earmarks $700,000 for roof and building improvements at Julius Sprauve Elementary, and $2 million “for design, development and construction costs related to the Cruz Bay Revitalization Project," presumably work to be done making an asset out of the old barge dock at what’s known as The Creek.

 “Our goal is to move our capital investment program forward aggressively,” the Governor said in a statement. “At a time when private sector investment will be slowing, this program will support small business activity, continued employment and the flow through of resources to government coffers, by investing in infrastructure projects that are critical to our long-term economic future, to creating economic opportunity for all Virgin Islanders, and to improving the quality of life of our citizens.”

For folks who like to keep score, St. John's share of the total requested, $400 million, is about $28 million or seven percent.

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