Golden Hour Views and Hues

Golden Hour Views and Hues

Good Morning, Good Morning!  And Happy Presidents’ Day to you all!  I know that many of you are wrapping up a three day weekend away from work today so I wanted to keep today’s post light and breezy.  We had an incredible day on the water yesterday that ended with some absolutely stunning golden hour hues and rainbows and, this morning, I wanted to share some of those pictures with you!

I don’t recall if I have mentioned this before but, the Golden Hour is my absolute favorite time of day!  You know what I’m talking about?  The hour or two leading up to sunset where the sun casts its incredible light over the islands; turning the green into shades of gold, the water into a brilliant cobalt blue.  During this span of time, on just the right kind of day, the clouds slowly start to take on a cotton candy pink hue with smatterings of golden light.  Every time I am driving back from the beach around 4-5PM, I always exclaim at how gorgeous it is.  And, with a lot of our Asante trips scheduled for noon-sunset, I am blessed to be spending a lot of those Golden Hours on the water these days!

Yesterday was an absolutely remarkable example of this incredible time of day.  We had snorkelers in the water at Little St. James and, as we sat on the boat waiting, a rainbow formed over the sound in the distance.

Golden Hour Views and Hues 1
Do you see the double rainbow forming to the left? Beautiful!   

As the rain clouds neared us, the rainbow did too!  Until it was fully over the small cay just 200 feet from the boat.  We could literally see where the rainbow met the island AND the sea.

Golden Hour Views and Hues 2

Our swimmers popped up next to the boat, exclaiming about turtles and spotted eagle rays as we yelled for them to turn around to see the magic behind them.

Golden Hour Views and Hues 3

A short rain shower followed that washed away the colors from the sky.  But only briefly.  As we set out for the sunset sail portion of the day, the clouds turned those brilliant shades of pink and gold and lit up Love City like a golden Christmas Tree.

Golden Hour Views and Hues 4

Disclaimer:  As you can tell, I’m no professional photographer 🙂 And, I always say that pictures never do the beauty of this place justice.  But, I wanted to share this magic with you all the same and to the best of my abilities…I feel that sunsets are highly regarded and photographed in abundance, but the Golden Hour frequently gets overlooked.  So, the next time you are visiting, take a few moments around 4-5PM to take a drive or a boat ride and soak in those last hours of beautiful dwindling daylight.

We have A BIG week of content ahead of us with an expansion of a beloved local business, an online auction, a boat day spotlight on Catzilla and an incredible property that is currently on the market.  So, stay tuned this week.  But, first, enjoy your day off!

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