A Little Island Update

A Little Island Update

Good Morning, Good Morning and Happy Fri-YAY to you all!  It’s been a bit since I gave you a bit of an on the ground re-cap of what’s going on here on island.  And, Teddy and I have happily had family and friends visiting over the past few weeks so we have actually gotten out away from our desks and the boat work to ENJOY St. John a bit!  It’s been amazing and there has been a lot going on this month.  So kick back with your cup of joe while I catch you up a bit on some snippets of island life.

First off, it’s been kind of a weird month!  We have had a TON of rain this month beginning with a weekend of storms the first weekend of February which is a bit abnormal.  We generally do get quite a bit of rain in this month made for lovers, football fans and ex-presidents but it definitely isn’t considered the dampest month of the year on average.  So, there was a lot of rescheduling and cancellations of boat days and excursions due to weather.  But, the island is beautifully green and lush right now.  The happy trees are thriving!

A Little Island Update 1

Speaking of excursions and boat days, you basically have your pick of the litter right now.  It’s SO weird!  The beaches are packed, town feels KIND OF busy but activity and boat bookings have been down for the past few weeks based on my commentary with other charter boat owners and captains.  I’m not sure if we are seeing a lot of St. Thomas or cruise ship traffic on island or what, but finding a parking spot in town in the evenings has been WAY easier than finding one at any of the beaches.  And we have been able to easily get a table for five at Longboard, Beach Bar, Greengos, etc. pretty easily.  So, that’s been pretty neat with visitors here.  Trust me, I feel your pain about feeling the need to plan everything in order to get ahead of the crowds with a larger group of people!

A Little Island Update 2

However, I wouldn’t base your upcoming trip on the way things have been for the past few weeks.  Our Sailing Asante calendar is jam packed for the next week or so and March is also starting to fill up.  March and April are traditionally two of our busiest months of the year on island (Spring Break!).  So, if you are planning to visit over the next 8-10 weeks, stick to booking your fine dining reservations and excursions AT LEAST a few weeks in advance.

Speaking of dining, we have had some incredible meals and experiences this month!  We spent Valentine’s Day at the Terrace and enjoyed an absolutely exquisite four course dinner featuring a lobster and artichoke cake, brie beignets, lamb, filet and a divine finale of decadent chocolate cheesecake.  Our other favorite, Zozo’s at Caneel Bay, is where we spent the last evening with my mom and dad.  We sunset sailed on Asante and then dinghied in for a breathtaking meal in the lounge.  I have ALWAYS been impressed with Zozo’s, from Gallows Point to my tenure with them at the Sugarmill and now back to Caneel Bay.  But, this meal was one for the books.  Every single detail of every plate was thoughtful and cooked to perfection.  Each of us got a different entrée and there was not a crumb left on any of our plates.  Both of these places guarantee incredible service, ambiance and cuisine.  And, for both of these establishments, you’ll need a reservation about 30 days in advance 🙂

A Little Island Update 3

In other restaurant news, Extra Virgin Bistro is transitioning this week to a three course tasting menu and away from their ala carte options.  On February 22, the restaurant will begin offering a appetizer, salad and entrée coursed out menu for $100 per person with a children’s menu for kiddos under the age of 12.  At Wharfside Plaza, big things are happening as well!  Both La Tapa Plage and the Parrot Club are scheduled to open next month and the crews at both places are working day and night to get those doors open!  I’ll be giving you a full update from Wharfside next week.  So, stay tuned for more details on all of this exciting stuff!

A Little Island Update 4

There is still a ton of road work going on that you should be made aware of if you are visiting soon.  The construction in front of the Marketplace (Starfish Market) continues with two traffic lights and one lane.  It gets a bit tricky there during busy times of the day as there is no flagger and the entrance to the Marketplace is right in the middle of things.  I will admit, it is a giant pain.  BUT, the road is vastly improved already and hopefully the storm water drainage issue will be resolved once the mess of construction is all wrapped up.  (Progress!)

A Little Island Update 5

Also, the road that runs in front of Longboard and Cafe Roma is currently closed to traffic for a few more weeks for the WAPA underground project.  They seem to have finished up work on the section of North Shore Road between Mongoose Junction and Caps Place.  So, the traffic lights and crews are gone, but it could use a little clean up 🙂  There continues to be a lot of crews working in different locations around St. John…So, please exercise caution and be mindful of others when utilizing our roadways.

That’s it for today!  I hope that you all have an absolutely splendid weekend.

A Little Island Update 6
Can you guess where this photo was taken?

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  1. Saw your story about tests requirements being relaxed. Are vaccination passports required. Ih ave natural immunity from having and recovering from Covid. Can I come in on that; I don’t want to get a vaccine.

  2. I appreciate all the difficulty the island has had to deal with, but as a 25 year visitor, the vibe has changed. Super intensive mask vibe will make us think twice about coming back. Masks to walk to your table m an outdoor setting, where you will then sit maskless next to a crowd of people you just walked by? Wtf.

  3. Thanks Hilary. Great overview and a very well written.
    Heading down for St. Pats and the return of the Letchprechauns.

    Diving off STJ on 3/14.

  4. Asolare was the best place on the island.

    Great food, amazing views and charming staff.

    Sadly some of the high end places we are left with are delivering hit and and miss food and oh so no charming ownership. Read The terrace

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