Drinking again

Thumb_cover_sm You can't ignore the obvious.  So Ella Anderson, publisher of the marvelous monthly St. John Sun Times, hasn't.

"To ignore the drinking that goes on here would be to ignore the culture," she opined in her monthly Coconut Wireless column.  "So that's why we tackled it."  

But don't worry, this is no social polemic.

The June issue offers advice on what to eat after a night before, as well as a story about NOT drinking when you're on a boat.  There are a few 'artisan' cocktail recipes, and Bob Tis contributes a remembrance of a priest who enjoyed more than communion wine.

The most practical is headlined Pieces of Ate: Hangover Food.

  • The Burritto That Ate Cruz Bay" from Sun Dog Cafe. "You got your carbs. You got your fat … to help your nauseated tummy."
  • Frito Pie at Barefoot Cowboy. "Rather evil .. chili, cheese and onions dumped over Fritos."
  • The Bloody Mary at Donkey Diner. "The secret donkey-kick ingredient is balsamic vinegar.
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  1. “The secret donkey-kick ingredient is balsamic vinegar.” I heard this from a random guy in a wine bar before while dining with my friends. I’m not an alcoholic but it made me pretty curious of trying it. LOL

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