Time to be blue for Island Blues?

St. John, VI (@CruzBayRealty) Tweets:

6/21/11 7:11 AM

CORAL BAY, ST. JOHN VI. Is Island Blues closing? http://t.co/UB65lNm #USVI

The Virgin-Islands-On-Line forum has speculation about what may be going on.

  • Loria wrote, "i heard that they were clsoing too–lost their lease I think."
  • Joppa added, "I 'heard' it too. I know the business has been for sale, but they apparently don't own the building. That would probably make for a tough sale. My guess is that it hasn't sold and the people need to move on. I hope someone grabs all the old signs and puts them somewhere else."

9 thoughts on “Time to be blue for Island Blues?”

  1. So what are you referencing exactly? Website has no info. that leads me to believe Island Blues is closing.
    They have a Summer Menu listed.

  2. Let me see if I have this right.
    Someone heard a rumor that a local business “might be” closing and they twitted it on the Internet, and now you are re-reporting this twitted rumor as “News”?
    What if they’re not closing? As a business owner, would you not feel badly about potentially damaging someone else’s business by posting a rumor as “News” if it is not true?

  3. Ruth … You are absolutely right. If it were me, and I owned the business (and I have), I’d post a comment as soon as the story started to get around. So far, 530am wednesday, no comment.

  4. So maybe what you do is get in touch with the owner. Ask them for a comment. Not assume that they’re reading this thread and wonder why they haven’t posted some comment. Maybe you do this before posting the “news”. Then maybe you’re not giving legs to the “rumor”.

  5. I think you should rename your website “Rumors of St. John”. Doesn’t this island have enough rumors going around? Your “journalism” is irresponsible and misleading. Get real!!

  6. Are there any restaurants left on St John? I love the island but dining is often a dilemma, especially on a 10 day stay.

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