Free beer today

Beer There's a Virgin Islands beer party Wednesday night.  Free beer.  Lots of it, supplied by Mongoose Junction's St. John Brewers as they offer samples of each of their three brews.

The catch?  The party's in Allston, Mass, outside Boston.Bottles

Kevin and Chirag will be showing off their newest beer, Liquid Sunshine Ale.

"We'll both be flying up from the islands to party with you all for a night of celebration.
Big City (located above Sunset Bar and Grill) will be serving our great
tasting Caribbean inspired brews including Tropical Mango, Island
Summer, and Liquid Sunshine Ale on draft," they said.

Big City says it's the home of the 365 Day a Year Beer Festival, serving 80 different brews.

The party is to celebrate the fact that the St. John Brewers' new beer will be available for quaffing in Big City and throughout Massachusetts this summer.

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  1. How about a party in Delaware? There are some great party spots in our Famous Dewey Beach, which attracts a huge college and young crowd.
    I would go!!!

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