Checking out at the new food market

St. John Market is open for business at its location in the Greenleaf Commons building, across the South Shore road from the Westin Resort

Comments on Trip Advisor indicate a number of people who stay at the Westin are eager to check out the new store so they can stock their mini-fridges. 

One post said pricing at the new store was comparable to Starfish Market, but you can’t be too sure.  Turns out that not everything on the shelves has a price.  Pia, an island real estate salesperson, explained, “They had dollar signs indicating price as in $ $$ $$$ $$$$” kind of like a Zagat restaurant review.

Another contributor to the Trip Advisor thread said Ben & Jerry’s was “cheaper than competitors.” One thing everybody agrees on is that parking is very easy and convenient.

Mella4 added, "It is basically a
spacious version of Dolphin Market. Prices are better than Starfish on
a lot of the stuff we buy….and– unlike the congested state of Pine
Peace and Dolphin– you can wheel a cart around easily, and even wheel
it out to your car, a big bonus for major shoppers and those with

This is a link to the Trip Advisor thread.

3 thoughts on “Checking out at the new food market”

  1. We happened to be staying in a villa out near the Westin the week this market opened. We did a lot of cooking so it was very nice to have the market so close. We loved it. It seemed to offer more than both Dolphin & Starfish and from what we saw the total bill was cheaper than Starfish. There were no prices on anything but the produce when we were there but we assumed that was because it had just opened.

  2. Now can we get rid of some of those obnoxious speed bumps? Until that happens, the store is called “Speedbump Market”, right next to “Speedbump Commons”….

  3. We are thrilled to have the new market – we vacation at the Westin for 3 weeks and this is so convenient. I will say, I still have to hike to Starfish for some good meats and the deli. It will be super when they get the deli up and running. Seems to be a little cheaper than Starfish in alot of items. Welcome new Dolphin!

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