USVI #1 Desired Vacation Destination Among Travelzoo Members

USVI #1 Desired Vacation Destination Among Travelzoo Members

The US Virgin Islands regularly appears on all of the Top Ten lists for best travel destination, and once again, we find ourselves taking the top position in Travelzoo’s most recent survey.

With over 30 million travelers polled in August 2020, Travelzoo members listed the US Virgin Islands as the destination they are most likely to select for their vacation over the next two years!

The results were announced during a recent webinar event, ‘Gauging Consumer Travel Sentiments: Travelzoo’s Caribbean Travel Outlook’, hosted by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and shared by USVI Tourism Commissioner Joseph Boschulte. “We always look forward to the intelligence and the insights we receive from Travelzoo,”said CHTA CEO Frank Comito, “because they come to us direct from the customer.”

USVI #1 Desired Vacation Destination Among Travelzoo Members 1
Maho Bay, St. John, USVI

As expected, the warm climate and white sandy beaches were among the top reasons travelers selected the US Virgin Islands as their first choice; however, safety was listed as the most important factor, closely followed by travel deals. Other requirements high on the list include declining COVID rates, flight availability, and fewer governmental virus restrictions such as curfews and quarantines.

The requirement for visitors to wear masks in public places did not seem to be a deterrence for travelers when ranking their preferred destinations.  Visitors also noted that the availability of travel restriction information, as well as cleaning and disinfecting guidelines, played a major role in their decision where to stay.

Commissioner Boschulte noted that the survey result was “a comforting confirmation of the efficacy of intelligent and efficient actions by the people of the USVI, led by Governor Albert Bryan Jr. and his special teams assembled to cope with the COVID-19 challenge.”

Lisa Barlow, General Manager of Travelzoo (United States) said they conducted the survey to gauge whether Americans still had an interest in traveling during COVID.  While there is no doubt the US Virgin Islands has been impacted by the governmental restrictions on travel, the survey showed that 49% % of Travelzoo members find joy in planning travel at this time.  Barlow added that 90% + of their members are interested in traveling in the near future, which is extremely promising for the economic recovery of the Virgin Islands.

If you need some added joy in your life, booking a trip to St. John seems like a perfect solution!

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