BVI Update

BVI Update

A lot of you have commented and sent in messages in regards to the re-opening of the British Virgin Islands. Here’s what we’ve found…

A few months back, I updated my Facebook status to read:  “I know this is a very first world problem.  But, man…I MISS the BVI!” I’m sure that all of you can share those sentiments.  What I wouldn’t give to be swimming into the Soggy Dollar Bar to enjoy a Painkiller or exploring the Baths right now!

Unfortunately, it seems that our neighbors in the BVI will be keeping things locked down for a bit longer.  The latest update from the Soggy Dollar and the press releases from BVI.gov do not shine much light on a tentative re-open date for visitors.

BVI Update 1
Soggy Dollar Update- September 1

As of September 2, the BVI enlisted a 14-day curfew between the hours of 1pm and 5am.  During this time beaches are open from 5am-noon and intra-island ferries are running very limited service.  Commercial ferry services to and from the USVI are currently suspended.

BVI Update 2
BVI Curfew update

The BVI is currently in Phase Two of a controlled re-entry process.  This allows companies that employ work permit holders outside of the territory to begin to register to apply for their employees to return to the territory.  It also allows for the following exemptions to the border restrictions:

BVI Update 3

And they are not taking these border restrictions lightly.  Newly implemented sea border protection platforms led by customs and immigration patrol apprehended a vessel pulling into Road Harbour at midnight on August 29.  There is currently a “restriction on the movement of vessels within the Territorial waters except for approved fisherfolk and intra-island ferries,” according to the August 30 press release from BVI.gov.

So, you can see, there hasn’t been much mention of visitors being allowed back into the territory and it looks like we won’t be getting that Soggy Dollar fix anytime soon.  BUT, don’t hesitate to book a boat when you visit St. John!  As of now, Lime Out is scheduled to reopen on October 5, Maho Crossroads is opening very soon and Pizza Pi will likely be back to the business of feeding the masses later this fall.  Bikini’s on the Beach at Honeymoon is open as well.  Locally, there are plenty of amazing food and beverage options and crystal blue waters to explore in the meantime.

For continued updates on the status of the BVI, please visit the territory’s website and wish them well in their recovery efforts!

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