New York Times on St. John

Morgan’s Mango, Skinny Legs and Pastory Gardens are three restaurants that got a thumbs up in a recent New York Times article about the island.  Travel writer Bonnie DeSimone  spent some time snorkeling off Gibney beach, Trunk and Hawksnest bays. "Shimmering psychedelic parrot fish, some a foot-and-a-half long, chewed at coral with their beak like mouths," she reported after one foray. "Their female counterparts display a windowpane pattern of brown, white and red that resembles stained glass."

She also spoke with author Gerald Singer about the environment and ecology of the island. Conditions on St. John are still good enough to support a healthy underwater ecosystems, and a picturesque one, he told her.

Read the story: http://travel2.nytimes.com/2005/10/23/travel/23stjohn.html

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  1. Maybe because it’s been reported at ST John Source, VI Daily News, Tradewinds, and all major forums about the VI’s.
    Disclaimer: I have no assets on STJ to protect, in case you’re wondering

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