Beach Bar open after raid

Beach_bar It was business as usual Friday after agents of the Internal Revenue Service raided the Beach Bar along the waterfront in Cruz Bay.  Witnesses said at least one helicopter hovered over the bar’s Wharfside Village building, while various agents’ vehicles blocked traffic in apparent efforts to capture suspects who might be fleeing.  The ruckus was so great that one source said construction of the Grande Bay condominiums was halted because trucks and workers couldn’t get to the work site.

Chopper"The matter is under seal and cannot be discussed," a spokesman for the IRS told the St. John Source.  While a spokesman for the Virgin Islands Police Department said authorities had executed a warrant.  Jesse Hill, who works at Low Key Watersports at Wharfside, said he saw about 15 IRS agents on site for several hours, the Source added.

But within an hour or so after the agents left, the Beach Bar reopened serving Greenies, burgers, and more.

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  1. Moral of the story is that if you can’t get the return in on time ask you CPA to file an extension. Second moral of the story, is if you are going to keep to sets of books (harder today) make sure that second set is not colocated with the first set.
    I do have to question the efficiency of the operation when it takes all of that manpower and equipment to just pick up a late return.
    I’ll bet it was more than just the IRS at the door.
    /sarcasm meter off

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