Real estate update 11/15/05

The Multiple Listing Service has more residential properties for sale than I have ever seen:  75 homes, up 3 from last week.  Prices range from $450,000 to $8.4 million. 

Land offerings are numerous, too.  The MLS has 182, an increase of 12 lots from last week. There are also 19 condos offered, 1 more than last week.

Word from the Marketplace is that the Richard’s restaurant space on the second floor has been leased to a new eatery called Happy Fish.

2 thoughts on “Real estate update 11/15/05”

  1. Hey Frank, I just noticed that there’s a two BR condo at Lavender available for 1.2 Million. Should I jump on that one. I mean, it’s only a paint job. But on the other hand, I could spend four weeks a year at Blue Tang for the next 20 years and still have a nice chunk of change left over. Oh, I’m 61 y.o. so 20 years might even be pushing it.
    Wonder what I’d have to get a week if it was rental….nah, not gonna do it, LOL

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