A Great Turtle Video

We absolutely love getting reader-submitted pics and videos here at News of St. John. We received one last one from one of our readers that was simply so good, we had to share it.

Larry Nix was vacationing on St. John last month when he took a daysail with the motor yacht Cinnamon Bay. They cruised out to Little Buck Island off of St. Thomas where he captured this amazing turtle video using a GoPro camera. Check it out:

Flying High Above Great Cruz Bay

IrixGuy was at it again Friday. He created yet another super cool video using a GoPro video camera and DJI Phantom. This one was created over near Great Cruz Bay. It’s pretty cool. Check it out:

Incredible Aerial Views of the East End

This video doesn’t need much of an introduction. Simply put – it’s an incredible, three-minute video that captures aerial views of the East End. It was filmed using a GoPro camera and a DJI Phantom, which is a radio-controlled helicopter. IrixGuy filmed it and we thank him for sharing it with us.

Check it out and turn on your sound:

On the Road: East End to Maho Bay

Cruise with us from the East End to Maho Bay in less than three minutes. Oh and we brought a friend along with us – you may have heard of him. 😉

(Dear Kenny Chesney, please don’t get upset with us for “borrowing” your song. Love, Jenn)

Turn your volume up…

This video was created using a GoPro Hero3.

An Underwater Escape

I think I love St. John under the water just as much as I do above water. If you’re like me, you’re going to love this video.

Cate Poole is a News of St. John reader from Wolfeboro, NH. She captured this neat six-minute video in various places across the island last month. The video was captured using a GoPro camera. The music is her own. Check it out:

It’s like a beautiful little underwater escape. Be sure to watch it all – the turtle near the end is breathtaking. Many thanks Cate. Job well done.