On the Road: East End to Maho Bay

Cruise with us from the East End to Maho Bay in less than three minutes. Oh and we brought a friend along with us – you may have heard of him. 😉

(Dear Kenny Chesney, please don’t get upset with us for “borrowing” your song. Love, Jenn)

Turn your volume up…

This video was created using a GoPro Hero3.

16 thoughts on “On the Road: East End to Maho Bay”

  1. You may wanna change your music as you are in violation for unauthorized use as you are creating these video for profit. Its content for your blog which makes Chances are you probably won’t get in trouble.
    But now all you readers are aware so your chances increase of getting a nasty letter. This is not bs- speaking from experience. Just wanna help another St. John business owner.

    • Thanks Jhpw! Yes, I acknowledged on YouTube that this is Kenny’s music. Hopefully he loves St. John enough to let us “borrow” it. 🙂

      • unfortunately, these issues are never seen by the artists themselves so it is not their call in most instances! all the middlemen have their hands in this part of “enforcement”…..
        anyway, thanks for sharing one of my favorite stretches of road…don’t think i will ever see it that fast from my car!!!! 😉

  2. Yeah, I took a short video of ferries coming in from The Balcony bar and there was a band down below somewhere playing that was picked up in the background noise of my video and YouTube flagged me for having copyrighted material in my video. Pretty stupid.

  3. Memories of taking the bus from Salt Pond Bay and getting off at the intersection to the North Shore. Walked the rest of the way to Maho Bay Camp. Long time ago. Thank you for this quick trip.

  4. Don’t worry I saw Kenny yesterday ,he said tell them the more they play it the more famous I become .Thanks for picking my song

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