Singer/Songwriter Showcase Gives Musicians New Platform

Singer/Songwriter Showcase Gives Musicians New Platform

St. John music lovers have never experienced a shortage of daily live entertainment offerings on island, but there is now a beautiful opportunity to embrace the vulnerable side of songwriting.

“The Backyard Glow Up is all about giving artists a safe and quiet platform to express their art,” showcase founder Katie Mintree (stage name KT Mine) said. “We create an intimate space after the sun goes down so the lighting can feel like a cozy cave!”

By candlelight, musicians are putting themselves out there to share their original  creations with a small, perfectly attentive audience. This event circle allows the artist to be unguarded with their work while being surrounded with love and support.

“The idea is largely based on my experience traveling to Asheville, NC and looking for musical inspiration,” KT said. “I had been gigging on St. John for a few years and wanted to do something that allowed me to play more originals in a space that wasn’t a bar.”

KT found herself at an “Open Folk” event in North Carolina, an event concept that began in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Asheville version of the showcase happens weekly at The Funkatorium and features both traveling and local musicians.

“They [Open Folk] were my inspiration for not being afraid to tell the audience to stay quiet, to stay attentive, and to show respect to the artists performing,” KT said.

The first Backyard Glow Up event was held at Our Place Community Park in May of 2023, and the event has only grown from there. Previous Backyard Glow Up performers include musicians KT Mine, Taylor Lissandrello, Aaron Strickland, Moss Henry, Jared Warren, Jason Klein, RC Sanders, Chris Love, Spencer Chaney, James Kivlen, Anysia & Scott of Chasing Hues, Travis Riddle, and poet KelSee.

“So far we’ve mostly had musicians perform, and that was the original idea, but we have had a poet on stage and have wanted to open up the space for other art forms as well,” KT said.

KT is preparing for the 6th Backyard Glow Up on Sunday, March 24th at Our Place in Coral Bay. Ashley King will be selling Poke Bowls from 5-7pm and the music will begin around 7pm. A donation-based cash bar will be available during the event, with proceeds going toward updating sound equipment to improve future gatherings. All food and drinks will need to be consumed quietly. Additional donations will also be graciously accepted.

Planning to attend? Remember that this is a quiet, mostly acoustic event where artists are being vulnerable with their work. For me, this has meant leaving my kiddo at home.

Singer/Songwriter Showcase Gives Musicians New Platform 1

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  1. This sounds fabulous! Good job KT! Is it possible to still get on the list to play. Is it only originals being performed?
    Buck would love to be involved. If not this time then next event…

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