An Underwater Escape

I think I love St. John under the water just as much as I do above water. If you’re like me, you’re going to love this video.

Cate Poole is a News of St. John reader from Wolfeboro, NH. She captured this neat six-minute video in various places across the island last month. The video was captured using a GoPro camera. The music is her own. Check it out:

It’s like a beautiful little underwater escape. Be sure to watch it all – the turtle near the end is breathtaking. Many thanks Cate. Job well done.

6 thoughts on “An Underwater Escape”

  1. Cate … We are in St John every year for the past ten years … We have never seen a more beautiful video that this … You are infinitely talented . Those who do PR for St John should use it to promote the natural beauty of the incredible little island !!!

  2. That was great. I watched it and then I got my dive log book out to add this as a dive. Well, not really, but I though about it.

  3. Cate

    GREAT video, I’ve been to St John a few times but never been able to dive because of medical problems. It nice to view the beautiful sites around the island but really nice to see down under.

    Londonderry, NH

  4. Kate, that was so beautiful and peaceful. We have been traveling to St. John for many years now and this video justs keeps you wanting to come back year after year!! Thanks for posting this!!

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