It was a beautiful day in Cruz Bay


The St. John Spice Web cam at the ferry dock in Cruz Bay has been upgraded.  Gone is the slight haze or gauze-like filter of the view of the bay top what seems like a high-def panorama of the sight we all know so well.  The full-size image is 8×11! Click on it.

Ruth – thanks!

Cruz Bay Webcam: http://www.stjohnspice.com/stjohnspicecam.htm

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  1. Can anyone tell me what kind of crab i saw in Ditleff Bay along the rocks to the North just under the new house construction? It was about 10 ft below the surface in a rocky nook sleeping. From that vantage point it seemed almost prehistoric. Looked like a spiny spider crab but MUCH larger than any foto I’ve been able to find so far on the web. huge front arms with thin elephant-tusk, ivory-like claws that were attached to the 2nd part of the claw that were the size of a full adult man’s hand. I know there was refraction that i was seeing through, but I swear it seemed that if this crab decided to get up and spread it’s arms out, the wingspan would have been 3 ft minimum. Has anyone seen anything like this, is this a truly rare sighting, and can you tell me what it is I saw?

  2. Thanks for the updated link with the new camera. The image is great. I just wish I were there instead of looking at it online. Were trying to plan the next trip which I hope is sooner than later.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. Micheal, sorry to spoil it for you but the crabs are not so rare, especially at this time of year.I think most divers just don’t see them as usually they are well back out of sight under a ledge or coral head.They can have a spread accross of alittle over 2 ft and you are right ,there main claw is about as big as a hand. I unfortunately don’t know their official name but usually see half a dozen every year.Try asking Rafe Boulon or one of his co workers at the National Park, I am sure they could tell us what crab it is. Cheers, Im off to the Bay of islands,NZ, to hook into all my old cray holes, fresh scallops grilled on the beach. Sounds good ah. KiwiPhil

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