St. John Trip Planning Timeline

St. John Trip Planning Timeline

Good Morning Folks!  I hope that you all had a splendid Easter weekend.  It was a beautiful one here, but it is getting a bit WARM.  You know, that time of year when the winds start to warm up a bit and begin their gradual slow down for the summer season.  We had a meeting with some folks out at Maho on Saturday before heading to the Seafood Fest for the afternoon.  And, it was quiet…At the beach, in town and then at The Windmill Bar for sunset.  It’s tough to judge because Saturday is a big turnover day and the ferry did look quite packed with new arrivals.  I did also over the weekend receive a ton of messages about finding a rental car last minute and people wondering about making reservations at restaurants.  So, I thought, as we get past Spring Break and the Easter holiday, now might be a good time to remind everyone that even during the slower times of year, it is still important to stay ahead of your reservations game on St. John.

The following is a timeline for planning your trip that I published back in November, just before the busy season picked up into full swing.  As we may be entering  a little lull (which is normal after a holiday) some of these things won’t hold as true, but as soon as Memorial Day gets here, we will be packed once again.  Now, please don’t think that you need to plan your ENTIRE trip before you arrive.  But, for a more stress free vacation, filled with all of your favorite St. John things, take a look at the guidance below and get planning so you can relax once you get to Love City!

Nine-Twelve Months Prior to Your Arrival – Accommodations

My folks come down to visit every year and my mom generally is booking their stay for the following year as soon as she gets home.  They have the places that they enjoy staying and want to make sure that they can reserve at one of their preferred accommodations.  If you are a little more flexible and like to try different things every time you come, you may be able to find deals closer to your arrival than this recommended window of time.  But, if you have your heart set on a certain location or condo, you’ll want to start researching and communicating with booking agents and property management companies close to a year out from your arrival.  If you aren’t sure where to start, we have some amazing properties and management companies that advertise with us here on the site.  Take a look at some recommended accommodations here.

Planning Your Trip to St. John - A Timeline 3

Seven to Ten Months Prior to Your Arrival – Rental Car

Rental cars are scarce on St. John and during peak times of the year, you may not find something within two to three months of your stay.  DO rent on St. John if you can find a vehicle!  The hassle of the car barge and waiting for a rental car on St. Thomas after an already long day of travel can be stressful (You’re here to de-stress, right?).  We have family visiting in a few weeks and they had originally booked a rental on St. Thomas.  They are traveling with an infant and we persuaded them to rent on St. John instead so they wouldn’t be dealing with potential hassles and delays during their inaugural arrival to Love City.

Planning Your Trip to St. John - A Timeline 4
The barge can be a pain- Rent on St. John and skip the hassle

If you are staying at the Westin, they offer some great transportation services that get you and your bags delivered straight to your room with little to worry about in between.  Many rental car agencies on St. John will meet you right at the ferry dock with your car.  Renting on St. John is simply easier and it supports our businesses here on island.  We have compiled a list of St. John car rental companies for you to reference while making your reservations…If you are visiting this Spring or Summer, you should be making those calls now!

Five Months Prior to Arrival – Boat Excursions

We have noticed over the past year that people LOVE to try to book our boat, Asante, very last minute.  And, sometimes we can happily accommodate that.  But other times, we have to turn people away due to lack of availability.  Even if we aren’t booked on the day in question, we may have maintenance scheduled or other commitments that can’t be re-scheduled last minute.  Additionally, everyone down here is working multiple jobs, so finding last minute crew, even if the boat is available, may be an issue for some companies.

Planning Your Trip to St. John - A Timeline 5
Go boating! But book your trip before your visit! – Image: Flyaway Charters

So, don’t spend hours of your vacation on the phone trying to find a last minute boat trip.  Book a few months in advance in order to ensure that you get some time on your vessel of choice and don’t waste a moment of your on island time scrambling to do so!

Once again, if you are at a loss of where to start, take some time to review the ads on the site or take a look at the spotlights we have featured.  We have some awesome charter companies represented here!

Three Months Prior to Arrival – Other Activities

Looking for an in villa massage?  How about a day on a guided kayaking tour?  These other activities may be something you think about last minute while you are here and maybe you can find luck into some availability.  But, if you have your heart set on one of these additional experiences, its best to do the research and book them ahead of time as well.

One-Three Months Prior to Arrival – Dining

This is a big one.  The number of fine dining restaurants on island pales in comparison to the number of visitors we have had on island.  I called three restaurants a month out to make reservations for our visiting family members and was limited on choices of time and day at each one.  You’ll likely have not much issue walking into the Beach Bar or getting on the wait list at Lovango Rum Bar or Longboard while you are here (Don’t be surprised if there is a wait…But who minds waiting with a cocktail in your hand and your toes in the sand?).  But, if you plan to do some nicer dinners out, do call ahead to reserve your table at least a month in advance.

Planning Your Trip to St. John - A Timeline 8
Waterfront Dining at Lovango Beach Club + Resort

The above is merely a recommended framework for planning your vacation.  Maybe you aren’t a planner and you don’t have anything particular in mind for your upcoming trip.  If so, this probably doesn’t apply to you!  And, I’m not saying that you need to schedule out every hour of your trip.  But, if dinner at Zozo’s or The Terrace is a must-have or you have the exact accommodation or excursion in mind.  It is best to look to the future and book those things in advance in order to avoid the headaches of missing out on your favorites while you are here!

Have a glorious Monday everyone!

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