Car Rental Companies on St. John

Car Rental Companies on St. John

Good Morning!  I understand that it has been a struggle to find a rental car on St. John.  Many companies on island may not come up in a Google search and we don’t have corporate options such as Enterprise and Avis on island.  Many of you may be tempted to rent a car on St. Thomas and I would like to wholeheartedly encourage you to use that as a last option only.  Even though the cost is a bit less than renting locally, the barge schedules can be very unpredictable and the long wait could cut into your arrival time happy hour OR cause you to miss a flight!  As always, we like to put St. John businesses first.  So, with a little help from some friends, I have compiled the following list for you to reference when you’re on the hunt for a rental car!

Renting a car on St. John can be tough!  The island is bubbling over with happy vacationers right now and, during this extremely busy time of year, it can be extremely difficult to find a rental.  With the help of some other community members, I put together the following list for you to use when it comes time to find a car on St. John!

Aqua Blue Car Rental – 340-776-2782

Aquarius Car Rental – 340-514-5262

Bougainvillea Leasing Ltd. – 800-253-7107

C & C Car Rental – 340-693-8164

Conrad Sutton Jeep and Car Rental – 340-776-6479

Cool Breeze Jeep and Car Rental – 340-776-658

Courtesy Car & Jeep Rental – 340-776-6650

Delbert Hill Car and Jeep Rental – 340-693-8819

Denzil Clyne Car Rental – 340-776-6715

Destiny Car Rental – 340-777-5337

Hospitality Rent A Car – 340-693-9160

Island Hopping Rentals – 340-228-2229

Just Sun Jeeps – 340-227-2235

L&L Jeep Rental – 340-776-1120

Lionel Jeep Rental – 340-693-8764

Mr. Piper’s Jeeps – 340-693-7580

O’Connor Car Rental – 340-776-6343

Penn’s Jeep Rentals – 340-776-6530

St. John Car Rental – 340-776-6103

Slim Man’s Jeep Rental – 508-932-2737

Spencer’s Jeep Rentals – 340-693-8784

Sunshine’s Jeep Rental – 340-690-1786

Varlack Ventures – 340-693-9933

Save this one for your records and for future use folks!  A big thanks to KC Bsisu at Bogie’s Villa, Cheryl Davis Dutter and David Adams at The Hills St. John for sharing their lists with me and lessening my leg work.  Ha!

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Additionally, I wanted to share this eloquent intro from The Hills website in regards to navigating the roads here in Love City:

If you are used to straight, well-lit and beautifully paved roads, it will likely take you a little time to acclimate to driving in St. John. The roads range from traditional blacktop to unpaved trails, and vehicles drive on the left side of the road. However, unlike Great Britain and most other countries where motorists drive on the left, the vehicles in St. John have their steering wheels on the left just as they do in other parts of the United States. The way to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the road is to remember the adage “people in the U.S. Virgin Islands drive shoulder to the shoulder.”

Vehicles also travel far more slowly in St. John, and the speed limit on the island is only 35 mph. While a police officer is unlikely to pull you over for speeding, herds of goats, nomadic donkeys and locals making their way on foot will prevent you from going much faster than the posted limit – even if you wanted to. Bear in mind that speeding will probably be the last thing on your mind as you will be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views in the world.

You will want to keep your wits about you while driving on St. John as the hills are steep and there are many twisty stretches of road. If you rent a vehicle with a manual transmission, it would probably be a good idea to practice some hill starts before you set off. While gas prices on St. John are higher than they are on the mainland, you won’t spend too much at the pump because you won’t be covering many miles.

The most valuable driving tip for visitors to St. John is to pull over whenever a local or “safari” taxi appears in the rear-view mirror and allow them to pass. Also, don’t get upset if other drivers keep beeping their horns at you because this is how people greet each other in the USVI.

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  1. I have found that CONVINIENCE is the main reason to rent a car on St Thomas. You can get picked up at the airport and NOT have the hassle of handling your luggage on and off the taxi to Red Hook; the on and off the boat; and then again in Cruz Bay — and the same thing on the return trip.
    I do agree that you need to plan extra time. For me this is not an issue going to St John; on the return just plan for an earlier taxi then stop for lunch of shopping in St Thomas.

  2. On our first few visits to St John we rented on St Thomas but now only rent on St John. We actually find it is so much easier and more convenient to rent on St John!! We just hop a taxi to Red Hook and our car is waiting for us when we arrive. We also have had various issues with St Thomas car rental companies, not all of them allow cars to leave St Thomas, we have had long waits getting the car ready in St Thomas and the higher car ferry fees ($100 round trip) don’t really make it much less expensive. Most importantly, in addition to finding it easier for us to rent on St John, we think it is important to support St John and the local businesses! Thanks. Cynthia

  3. What’s with all of the jeep rental companies not allowing SUPs on the roof? Do they really enforce that? We were hoping to rent some boards and head to a different beach each day. Would they rather we drive around with them sticking out the back with the liftgate open?

  4. Thank you for this! We had a hard time in the past and did end up renting in St Thomas and while it worked out for us I can see where it could cause issues if you did not plan for the possible extra time involved (it was the last week of Feb. 2020, just before the proverbial stuff hit the fan).

    I look forward to reading News of St John each day and we are putting the final touches on our next visit, sadly not until next Feb)

  5. Unless Hospitality Car Rental is under new management, I would strongly advise not renting from them. I arrived on St John end of January 2020, late in the day. I had reserved a vehicle with Thomas at Hosptality several weeks before my planned arrival date. When I arrived at the Hospitality kiosk for my vehicle, Thomas, the owner at the time, said he could not rent to me because I was too old!! Then said he would find a car. After a wait of over an hour, and it was getting dark, he returned with a junker. Windows did not work, lights did not work unless you held the lever down. The car was worn out both inside and out with many things not working. I returned the car to him the next morning and had to go back over to St Thomas for a rental because all rentals on St John were sold out. My credit card was charged the full amount of the 3 week rental at the time I made the reservation with Hospitality . A refund from Hospitality was never given. After my experience, I read of others who have had similar experiences with Thomas at Hospitality car rental. If the owner is still Thomas, I hope you do not have an experience similar to mine. It was the first time I had rented on St John instead of St Thomas. It was not an experience I would want to repeat. Discount Car Rental on St Thomas was extremely efficient and friendly and provided me with a road worthy vehicle.

  6. When we first started going to the VIs years ago, the biggest adjustment was making right hand turns. In the states you are used to a right turn requiring a quick look to your left and then going. That clearly doesn’t work on the island!

  7. Friends rented a car on st Thomas. When it broke down they wasted a day getting it replaced. When I had a flat tire the local rental company fixed it in 10 minutes. Rent local!!!!

  8. We always rent from Conrad. Great service plus free parking while you spend the evening in Cruz Bay. Parking can be a challenge!

  9. For a women traveling alone, I am never in fear of my jeep breaking down somewhere. A rare flat tire or locking keys in the vehicle can be remedied with just a phone call. This is the Sutton family who are very trustworthy and honest. I would never rent from anyone else because of the great customer service.

  10. We have rented from Cool Breeze for quite a few years. They are so efficient & cheerful. They quickly fixed any problems. Years ago we rented form St John & Varlack. No issues with service. Rent on St John. Support our STJ businesses.

  11. I don’t know what island The Hills think they are on, but the speed limit on St. John is 20 MPH or 10 MPH in town!

  12. My wife and I have been visiting St. John twice a year for the last 20 years. We have a great deal of experience renting cars. Our best advice is to keep it simple and rent on St. John, not St. Thomas. Our favorite rental company is Bougainvillea. Not only are they efficient, kind, and helpful, they do not charge extra for an additional driver. We just scheduled a rental with them for early July. You can trust Don (owner) and his staff.

  13. thanks for the tip about Bougainvillea, George Zimmer – I’m always frustrated by places that charge for an extra driver. My husband and I like to take turns driving. Just booked for 2022. Hoping life is better by then. And for others wondering between STT and STJ for rentals – we’ve had flat tires and lost keys in the past — because we rented on STJ, help arrived MUCH more quickly and free of charge. Just another thing to keep in mind. STT is a long way away when you want help quickly.

  14. Has anyone rented from Denzil Clyne Car Rental? We reserved a car, have to send $100 to a POBox now and they’ll take a credit card upon arrival for the rest of the cost. They didn’t give us a confirmation number so we’re wondering if this is legit.

  15. Avoid L & L Jeep Rental. Terrible experience. I discourage people to rent from this place. The owner is avid and would try to get as much money as they can from you, pulling out conditions and penalties you would be surprised about. Seeing how the owner treats her employees and customers, I regret giving her money. I hope others support other better local and more human companies. She even closed the trunk on my arm as i was trying to pull my bag out… still can’t believe a lot of people have to deal with her everyday at work…

  16. I have been to St. John many times over the past few years. First time I rented a vehicle at STT with no problem. The second, and last time renting at STT, they had overbooked and several people were without a vehicle. I have booked with Sunshine on St. John ever since and have been very happy with their service.

  17. I am thinking of renting from Island Car Rental in Cruz Bay but it isn’t listed here. They have a great website but I’m worried that I can’t find any reviews.

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