Random notes after three weeks on island

  • Early one morning this week, I glanced in the window at Starfish Gourmet and Wine.  The TV set hanging from the ceiling was playing CNBC.  Over at St. John Hardware, the in-store radio was playing NPR’s ‘Talk of the Nation."  Different.
  • Last year, I think there were 17 units at Sirenusa listed for sale.  This year, there are 27.  Are the 10 additional condos re-sales, or are they the units that the VI Senate authorized, over and above the original building permit?
  • Mrs. Inquiring Iguana had a Passionfruit tea at the Westin one day and loved it.  When she asked for tea again, another day, no one knew about passion fruit tea.  We’ll check at St. John Spice and see if they have it. (We did. They had it.)
  • Caneel Bay’s Sunday Brunch is an island legend.  Well worth the money.  Now Caneel’s added a Monday evening Seafood Buffet. Y’all are welcome.

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