New restaurant? What new restaurant?

Ever hear of 180?  The new place where Tage used to be? Hmmm, neither has anybody else – despite a nice four-color announcement for the place in St. John magazine. 

The vertical ad, right next to the publisher’s introductory essay, promises "a modern french(sic) inspired restaurant … with a twist" featuring "flavors from around the globe."  Dinner to be served nightly and there will be a Sunday Brunch, too.  "Zeste private chef service" was also offered. 

Well, ain’t happened.  Ain’t open. The phone number in the ad reaches a message that says,"The number you have dialed is not a working number," and the Web site, 180stjohn.com, is dead too. The old Tage restaurant space is locked and lonely.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the ad.)

4 thoughts on “New restaurant? What new restaurant?”

  1. 180 holdings was the old company name that had tage after Bill. It was a proactive plan to be open under a new name when the magazine came out. Honestly, these questions are funny! Just go to a bar for an hour and all the questions on your page will be answered.

  2. THis is kind of old news – this ad came out in November. There was an article about it in the Tradewinds about that time. No mysteries here.

  3. They had to fill the “magazine” with some kind of free ads to make you think anyone really cared to advertise.

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