Popular Business Under New Ownership

Piper and Justin recently became the new owners of Paris Care Rental.
Piper and Justin recently became the new owners of Paris Car Rental.

After graduating high school in southwest Missouri, Justin Bartosh decided to forgo his first semester of college, instead opting to visit a place he fell in love with over the internet but had never visited – St. John. One semester became two, which soon became three, and seven years later, Justin still calls St. John home. But it’s something else cool that happened to Justin late last month that we’d like to tell you about – he and his good friend purchased a pretty popular business on island – one we didn’t even know was for sale.

Justin and Erin Piper, known simply as Piper around the island, are the new owners of Paris Car Rental. It took six long months of running around to seal the deal, Justin said – they had to hand deliver papers in St. John, involve the commissioner on St. Thomas … the list goes on and on – but it was all worth it when they signed the paperwork in Cruz Bay just over a week ago.

“We were pretty excited,” Justin said.

Paris Car Rental will soon be renamed Mr. Piper’s Jeeps, and Justin and Piper plan to replace all of Paris’s current vehicles with Jeep Wranglers. They plan to keep a handful of seven-passenger vehicles on hand, as well, but the business will primarily rent two- and four-door Jeep Wranglers. Half of the fleet will be replaced by December 1st and the second half will be replaced by January 1st. They also plan to stick with Paris’s seasonal discount which is a big draw for tourists in low season.

The duo plans to sell their current vehicles which range from Wranglers to Durangos to safari trucks. They’d like to sell all locally if possible. The cars are from 2008 and newer, so if you’re looking for a new vehicle, this may be the way to go.

They’re also looking to make the vehicle pickup a bit less hectic and easier for the customer. They plan to offer shuttle serve from the ferry dock to their office where the villa greeter can also meet guests. They also plan to offer villa drop off service for an additional fee which will be determined based on the villa’s location. Arriving on the midnight ferry? No problem. Justin and Piper will meet you at any hour.

“It is our mission to really go above and beyond for our customers and villa companies on island,” Justin said. “We will entertain any request and do our best to accommodate everyone. Piper and myself of all people (the pair worked together in the villa rental business for the past four years) understand the difficulty and the hard work villa companies go through to simply get guests from the ferry to the villa. If we can help make that easier, that is our goal. Another beautiful things is, Piper and Myself are workaholics, so with that being said, we don’t care if guests are coming on the 7 a.m. ferry or the midnight ferry. We will be there to make sure they get their car when they arrive. Villa companies don’t get the option to close their doors when they have guests coming in, so why should we? We are working for them!”

14 thoughts on “Popular Business Under New Ownership”

    • The St.John ACC is in need of a reliable transport vehicle, maybe you guys could help them out. You’d get a tax deduction and good publicity:)

  1. Great to learn of the new business and that they are selling off the older cars. We are interested in buying a vehicle. Have been trying to call them this morning twice. No answer. Not answering the phone doesn’t bode well for a car rental company.

    Are they using a different number than the old Paris Jeep number?

    • Hey Joan.

      I have been in the office since 8:00am and haven’t got your call… What is your phone number?

      Our office is 340.693.7580, my cell is 340.626.9308

      Talk to you soon!

  2. Awesome news! I have been saying for a while now that a rental agency that would actually stay open late hours, make it easier for guests arriving to get their cars and have consistent shuttle service would make a killing. I will begin referring all my visitors to this agency!

  3. Best of luck with the business, nothing like great customer service, I would have given you a try in January if I would have known, next time though! 😉

  4. Have used Paris before and was happy with the condition of their Jeeps and their service. Will now give Justin and Piper a try next May.
    Good luck to you both and remember…going that extra mile really does matter in the competitive Jeep rental business. 🙂

  5. All the best to you….nice meeting you on Oct. 30th waiting for 11 pm ferry….didn’t know you were the new owner. Ju Ju and gang have taken care of my guests through the years.

  6. What type of 7 passenger cars do u have? Will be in St. John the end of February and there are 6 adults so we need a larger vehicle. Where r u located in relation to the ferry dock?

    • It’s located right in Cruz Bay just past the roundabout. It’s roughly a five minute walk from the ferry dock. You can always park in the free lot near the car barge.

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