Health Coverage Now Available for Expats Living in Caribbean

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So you want to live in the Caribbean, right? Ever think about how or if you can get health insurance coverage? One of the biggest issues about moving to the islands from the States – beside the high cost of living – seems to be the lack of quality and affordable health insurance. Well today we’d like to tell you about a new option that’s available starting today.

The Caribbean Expatriate Medical Association is a group of Caribbean and Latin American expatriates living abroad who demand low cost Global Medical Insurance & Air Ambulance service. It offers a rate reduction of 25 percent for all members. It believes in the “power of the people” who make up its “pool” of members. There is no charge to join the group.

CEMA offers global renewable Medical Insurance, Air Ambulance, Travel Insurance, Long Term Disability, Life Insurance and Group Coverage for three or more employees. Open enrollment begins today, November 1, and continues through Jan. 31, 2015. The CEMG has been in operation since January 2013. Here are the rates:

Men & Women  – Major Medical & Air Ambulance (hospitalization, cancer, broken bones, diseases, etc.)

  • Age 41-45: $578. 25 annuallly 
  • Age 46-50: $600.75 annually 
  • Age 51-55: $643.00 annually
  • Age 56-60: $834.75 annually
  • Age 61-65: $1,085.25 annually
  • Age 66-70: $1,612 annually
  • Age 71-75: $3,255 annually

*Annual medical coverage includes 30 days of accident and emergency in the States with a 30% coinsurance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Caribbean Expatriate Medical Association or for information on plan design, rates, etc., please call (504) 264-3250 or visit its Facebook group page by clicking here.

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