New Boutique at Mongoose Junction:  Golden Hour

New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour

Good Morning, Good Morning and a happy Monday to you all!  Last week I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping at Mongoose Junction, and I popped into the new wellness and apothecary boutique (from the creators of LuLee).  I did not find anything for anyone on my list, but I did find PLENTY for me 🙂 They have a little bit of everything in the realm of giving your body, mind and soul a bit of a treat in a beautifully designed space that I truly had a hard time leaving!  The store has a ton of creative products to make you feel good from the inside out…And the outside in!

New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour 1

If you have ever visited LuLee at Mongoose Junction, you may be familiar with the overall feel of the interior of Golden Hour.  The same clean lines and whimsical displays that keep your eyes moving throughout your shopping experience at LuLee keeps consistent with the new sister store.  But in a slightly more rustic and almost masculine way; the distinctive wooden archways and native stonework of Mongoose Junction is brought to life inside of Golden Hour.  Ladylike design accents bring you back to exactly where you are:  “A destination for sun seekers, dreamers, doers and those looking to live each day to the fullest, feeling their best.”


New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour 2
These mimosa or latte infusions intrigued me and I will absolutely be picking up one or two on my next visit!

On display in the store, you’ll find an array of “departments” cleverly arranged to put the small space to good use.  And, man, did I have a hard time not blowing my Christmas budget on myself while I perused them!  A glass display case near the register keeps safe a variety of island inspired gold jewelry…Many of which are original designs by R.I. Patton and give a nod to the previous tenants who occupied that same space for decades.

New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour 3

And all around are ways to absolutely treat yourself!  A towering cooler of kombuchas, premium iced coffees and hydration aids for either the morning after an eventful night or post hike.

New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour 4

Hydrating and restoring facial masks, journals with inspirational quotes, mineral based sunscreens, high quality holistic skin care products, after sun care and hydration and immunity boosters are found throughout the boutique, commingled with creative cookbooks, Savannah Bee Honey Company products and inventive culinary ingredients to add to the creativity of whatever meal you are creating!

New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour 5

A multitude of apothecarist treats to cure what ails you also lines the shelves.  There are plenty of potions to avoid (or get over) your hangover from an overindulgent happy hour (It happens, right?).  And immunity defense and hydration aids to keep you moving seamlessly throughout your vacation.

New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour 6

In addition to the body and mind soothers that line the shelves at Golden Hour, you will also find a ton of easily packable trinkets and classy souvenirs to mark the memory of your trip to St. John.

New Boutique at Mongoose Junction: Golden Hour 7

After much debate, I selected a collagen infused hydration packet which I immediately dissolved in my water and…OMG.  It tasted like a creamsicle, but the sugar and carb count were way less than the Liqui IV packets that I normally use.  I also took home a bag of Four Sigmatic “Think” ground coffee that promotes a slow and steady caffeination with immune support and no crash (It works and tastes amazing by the way!).

I will absolutely be stopping in Golden Hour any time I have a gift to shop for or the time to splurge a bit more on myself. 🙂  There are so many amazing products to choose from that would go great in a little gift bag for one of my girlfriends.  And I fully intend on slowly sampling their wide array of wellness products myself over the coming months!  Stop in for a visit and treat yourself next time you are visiting.  Or, if you live here on St. John, I highly recommend you make some space in your schedule to stop in and explore the amazing array of FEEL GOOD stuff at Golden Hour!  Trust me, your skin and your well-being will thank you!  Their hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-8PM and Sunday-Monday 9AM-6PM.

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  1. What a lovely and beautiful store! I didn’t want to leave because I was enjoying the scents and looking at products and had a lovely visit with Alexis who worked in the shop that day. I found a pair of earrings that I love! I plan to visit again!! This store is a little slice of heaven!

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