How close to the beach is it?


The folks at Villa Vacations say their properties come with an important feature: proximity to beaches.

While most people jump in their rental cars and head for the north shore beaches, their guests are a five-to-20 minute walk from the sand and warm waters.

Depending on the villa, you can relax on the beaches at Peter Bay, Cinnamon, Trunk or Chocolate Hole

One caveat though … often the walk to the beach is downhill.  That means the return ‘home’ may take a little more time and a little more energy.

2 thoughts on “How close to the beach is it?”

  1. I think those descriptions are a little misleading.
    For a hardcore fitness person with no beach gear, maybe. A regular person taking towels, chairs, etc. would be in for an unpleasant surprise.
    I stayed at one of those properties and would not have walked to the beach with beach gear.
    I also stayed in Lower Peter Bay and thought the return walk back to the villa was miserable. I can’t imagine going all the way up.

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