Grande Bay wants a break


Developers of the Grande Bay condo project are asking for some public support in advance of a rezoning hearing this week.

At a meeting open to the public at the Marketplace, Bay Associates’ Kelly Frye made his case to the 15 people who attended that approval of the development’s latest rezoning request, which will allow it to sell the condominium units, is a good thing.  Frye said that his rezoning request actually will reduce the number to be built, from the already-authorized 14 to six.

Implicit in Frye’s remarks was a warning that Bay Isles needs the additional sales to sure additional financing so it can complete the project.  No rezoning?  No resales? No ????!

The St. John Source reported on the meeting in this story: http://stjohnsource.com/print/79684

A number of people who attended the meeting were critical of Frye and the project, the Source reported. Their complaints were that the three-story waterfront project is out of scale, and inconsistent with the island’s ecology and atmosphere.

A Grande Bay condo owner Jennifer Harrington of Minneapolis, was one of those who attended the meeting.  She told the Source, “We’re a little embarrassed to be part of this.  we’ve learned how hard it is for the whole island.”

The rezoning hearing is set for Thursday, Oct. 1.

5 thoughts on “Grande Bay wants a break”

  1. Sounds just like Sirenusa to me- they asked for the same thing. I say deny these slimeball invaders. Tough sh#$- so you lost money- go somewhere else and make up for the losses you had here.

  2. I love waterfront condos because I love to swim. If I have a money, I will buy one if the condos you have offered, unfortunately I haven’t, but I will suggest that to my cousin because she told me that she want a house in your place.
    Deirdre G

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