More about Paradiso, etc.


Still no comment from the folks who own/manage the Balcony, Paradiso, Asolare and Chloe’s

First word the eateries were “in trouble” cropped up a week ago, courtesy of Anthony Finta’s Virgin-Islands-On-Line posting.  An e-mail to the company brought no immediate response, nor anything since then.

However, the Inquiring Iguana's publishing the story this week has brought more information.

  • One commenter alleged some employees of the restaurants are owed “thousands” of dollars in back pay and have been afraid to stop working for fear they’d never see a penny.
  • Another reader found that the company’s Web site, stjohn-restaurants.com, is now off line.  The site is apparently maintained by Andy Clausen at Savant Media Group in Coral Bay.

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  1. There is someone on the VIOL forum claiming to be “friends” with the CEO of the group saying that everything is fine… Signs seem to be pointing otherwise.

  2. I am unable to find the allegation that “some employees of the restaurants are owed “thousands” of dollars in back pay and have been afraid to stop working for fear they’d never see a penny.” Can you direct me to it?

  3. Thank you Frank. I found it last evening. It was a comment from someone who has “friends” who have told her that they are owed thousands. Second/Third hand info. Almost as good a source as the internet chat forum you site. Don’t you think a phone call to the management of these resturants is in order prior to printing potentially harmful unsubstantiated rumor? I see you sent an email through the no-longer active website and recieved no response.

  4. Why doesn’t someone go right to the source and ask the wait staff?? Somebody’s gotta know one of them- St. J ain’t that big.

  5. Frank,
    I think you should get your facts correct. I was replaced by Tom Green in June of 2006 as director of operations of St John Restaurants. He resigned and Coby Cooper replaced him after my assistance in the interum. In August of 2007 I resigned as an employee and started consulting with catering sales for St John Restaurants.
    With the world economy over the last 2 years, the St John restaurants group has been hit, just like every other business on the islands.
    I know that my chances of booking parties has been hurt becauce of what people have read without substainable facts.
    All business on St John need help not slander. St John has been hit hard and the community needs help and supportive feelings instead of the backstabing that is going on within this website.
    You have my email address and please contact me directly. I will not have anything to do with this forum again.

  6. Paul …
    Thanks for the comment.
    For more than a week, I have been soliciting a comment or explanation from the SJRestaurants group.
    I contacted you on the recommendation of Coby.
    I welcome publishing any comment or statement the company would like to make.
    Many visitors look forward to dining at the group’s restaurants, as do I. Anything that can be said to reassure them, I welcome.

  7. As a St John resident who brought six visiting friends to The Balcony for dinner recently I’m not suprised to hear the group might be in trouble. The service was horrible and the crabless crab cakes were nothing but bread crumbs. Seriously!! Emails to mgmt went unanswered. Stick with ZoZo’s!!!!

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