Taxes, Palm Plaza, Tradewinds PDF

  • There’s a report a Federal judge on St. Thomas is set to rule real, real, soon on the Territory’s proposal to revise property tax procedures and the Governor’s new tax assessment schedule.  Taxes on St. Johnians will soar. Some owners will be paying bills five times higher, or more.
  • The “Contract Pending” sign has been taken off the Multiple Listing Service entry for for Palm Plaza, the small retail/office center near the Westin Resort. It’s being pitched to buyers as ideal for condo development.
  • The Tradwewinds hints it may start charging for the electronic version of the newspaper.  A PDF of each issue has been available for a month or so.  But an article about the feature published by the Tradewinds, indicated there might be a charge added.  The Virgin Islands Daily News also offers an electronic version of the daily newspaper, for a fee.

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