Strip Club on the way?

While Gary runs his Mixology Warehouse business out of a trailer at the Lumberyard, the island is talking about refurbishing going on at his old spot on the first floor, next door to the WAPA office.  They’re reportedly putting in a strip club.  “I am surprised that no one is up in arms about this… (yet),” said Blujahz on the VI Now forum.  “Who gave the license for something like that???,” added Connie.  “I don’t understand why this is allowed on an island that does not tolerate simple nudity at the beach,” said Whatswiththat.

Promoguy said he thinks he sees another opportunity, if there is a strip club.  He suggests that because some patrons might be embarrassed to be seen, that somebody should open a business renting Halloween masks.

Wyndhamsugarbaygaming260A number of locals commented that there have been strip bars on the island before and they have failed.

One person pointed out that the strip club is one thing, meanwhile at Wharfside company called Southland Gaming is renovating what used to be Larry’s landing,  The former bar and pool hall is being turned into a spot for video lottery and, presumably, other gaming activities.

16 thoughts on “Strip Club on the way?”

  1. Is this a joke? Please tell me it is. There is no way the Government will let this happen. If they do, I’ll put up the first $100.00 to retain a lawyer to fight it. We will all have to pull together on this one. Slot machines and strip clubs. The ruination of St.John is getting closer and closer by the day. “LET’S FIGHT THIS” (if it’s true)

  2. With all the growth happening on St. John in recent years, this (a strip club) is just the downside of progress. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last. To quote an earlier comment on progress…. get over it!

  3. Strip clubs and video lottery gaming rooms. Looks like St. John is on its way fast to becoming the next Tijuana travel destination hot spot! You want development… well what comes along too is sleazy establishments followed by more crime, more drugs,
    and all the evils of big cities. Yes it would be great to fight against this however so far, the “big money” that pays off a few government officials are winning.

  4. I sure hope the strip club like others is a joke and if not I hope it doesn’t last long.
    Speaking of Gary and Mixology is there anyone out there like myself still waiting her hear about your contest money being returned? I heard from Gary once and have tried to call the Mixology number several times but with no success.

  5. Give me a break!, keep that stuff in St.Thomas and Puerto Rico, but not in St. John!! that’s rediculas. There may be a place for that kind of stuff, but not in St.John. Sorry! If that’s allowed, Well……..there goes the neighborhood!!!!

  6. The reason we liked St John was because it wasn’t as sleezy as other islands. I know my family and myself will not put so much time,effort and MONEY…(or looking for real estate) into visiting St John on a yearly basis if it’s turned into a skanky island. I can get that crap in Chicago.
    Very Unhappy!!!

  7. NO! Please say it isn’t so. The rumor has been floating around for awhile and I’ve not heard ONE person that isn’t completely against its inception. St. John is changing drastically as is, the last thing it needs is a strip club. It is proven that strip establishments tend to bring excess drinking, fighting, etc. Why would we ask for or encourage that type of behavior on our small, lovely island? That’s not the kind of love we are trying to bring back to Love City.

  8. Strip clubs tend to attract a rather unsavory element and will likely discourage family tourism. It’s a terrible idea for St. John.

  9. While enjoying vacations in St. John……we were hoping to retire
    from NJ to live in St. John.
    We have been viewing homes.
    A strip club in St.John..VIRGIN ISLAND…would be out of character
    for it’s Natural Beauty.
    Would St. John Police
    Dept.be readily available to handle more cases of prostitution, illegal drugs and gambling?
    As we all know, strip clubs draw in, a certain profile of individuals, that would not compliment any neighborhood, no
    less…….destroy…the reputation of an Island that has always been protected.
    Keep St. John free from Strip Clubs.
    Your Island is Paradise. Please
    don’t let one person destroy it’s
    unique character and allow a strip club business to add to the crime rate, lower home sales, and lower your tourism income with less familys visiting, like ourselves.

  10. The goose that laid the golden egg was killed along time ago. St. John has come of age.
    Tattoo parlors, gambling, strip clubs, rapes, robberies, murder, assaults, 5 tee shirts for $10 cruise ship tourists…
    What’s next?

  11. we started coming to st john in 1991 on a 2 week stint. we immediately fell in love with the “old” st john. no airport, no stores( we had to bring all our “favorites” from home), no people !!! and the ones on island were all our friends, we were welcomed with open arms every year by many and we thank you for that, those of you who are still there. within a year, in 1992, we bought a month from virgin grand, a 3 bdrm pool villa. we would come for 30 days a year from 91 to 02, i worked all year for that month down there. me , my wife, my son and daughter all have fond loving memories of st john and the friends we made all those years. remember the old toy store that was actually 2 buildings? going to church on saturday night and feeling loved by all? remember supermarket deli? remember the dirt road past the Hyatt? no admission fees to trunk bay, parking along the beach at maho, the yogurt truck? the old ferry dock where everyone knew you? at times our friends on the island would forget our names upon our arrival every year, yet they always remembered who we were and details of our lives, i was always known as the “jersey city dentist” we would let our daughter get braided at philomens hair braiding, remember rons bakery before the road was one way? and of course the original “skinneys” with the labor day parade, remember kate swans original hardware store? remeber going to the dock on tuesdays to buy fresh fish from the boat from the DR, remember the only “hospital” on st john was at meadas? when pine peace market was the only one on south shore? and i can go on and on…
    …we started traveling to other islands for a week at a time while staying on st john , we went to v gorda, cooper, tola, peter, jost, and anegada. we got to the point that we would now spend a month on anegada or v gorda and just visit st john for old times sake. we have sold our month with much sadness as i was planning on retiring full time in st john. now all we have are memories, and thank goodness for those, they will last forever, it seems nothing else on st john will. i guess i need to look at the island as i do my children, we will always love st john but i guess it had to grow up one day. our memories are of when it was a child, quiet, fun loving and innocent. we miss you st john, love, the caruso family.

  12. Hi Larry,
    My husband and I also entered that “contest”…eventhough I should have known better! Live and learn I guess. As for the money, Gary it seems must have been having money problems, so I am pretty sure the contest money was spent long ago.

  13. To Ed Caruso and Family.. I feel your pain in regard to the changes on this, once special island… imagine how I must feel, knowing it well since 1977. The big difference from when I was a temporary resident (8 years) and the folks that move down there now is that.. we (my friends and I of that era) left the island exactly as we found it. It troubles my mind as to why state-siders felt the need to change the island and make it just like where they have always lived.. why not just stay in the states??? Makes no sense to me. The only thing left of old St John is carnival in July,… but sadly that’s slowly being taken over by state-siders as well. =(

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