Governor vetoes Red Hook Customs office

Who knew that the Senators wanted to include a U.S. Customs inspections facility at the new ferry dock at Red Hook – which still ain’t open? 

Gov. John deJongh found out about it when he reviewed an appropriations bill that earmarked $400,000 for the project. 

He used his veto pen to kill the idea because, "There is no indication" the U.S. Department of Transportation wanted a new Customs office on St. Thomas.  The Senators, it appears, saw proceeds from a sale of VI bonds, with some dollars not used, and figured – Hey, let’s spend them.

By the way, the new ferry dock does have a name.  Turns out to be the Urman Fredericks Marine Terminal.  The Senate approved the memorializing last September.  (Nope, I’ve no idea who he was or what he did. Anybody?)

3 thoughts on “Governor vetoes Red Hook Customs office”

  1. Frank – According to the 10/5/06 VI Daily News “Turnbull also noted his approval of a bill naming the Red Hook Marine Terminal, which currently is under construction, after longtime boat captain and barge operator Urman Fredericks.”

  2. I applaud the Gov in his recent Veto of Sirenusa but seriously he should consider cooling off his pen. He obviously has not sat at the Customs on St. John at 4pm and waited an hour to clear back into the united states. Every single person on Vacation to our lovely islands ends a fantastic day sitting for up to an hour in teh Cruz Bay creek waiting to clear customs because it gets so jammed up. In light of tourism satisfaction levels in our islands I think a Red Hook Customs terminal would go a long way! I operate a charter business out of St. John for the record.

  3. Cudos to the Governor for vetoing this. Who needs more gratuitous and useless customs/security measures?
    BTW, when WILL the Red Hook dock be open?

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