Mixology Warehouse worth $1 million?


Gary Moses has posted responses to several comments about his essay contest to find someone to take over his island liquor store.

In his post, he disputed my statement that his business was worth $500,000. Even tho that’s what’s on his Web site. Now, he says it’s worth $350,000 – which might give
entrants even more pause when they realize he’s set a minimum of
8,000 essays (which at $100/per entry fee would generate $800,000 in fees) to find a winner.  The maximum number of entries he’ll take is 12,000.

I asked Gary about comments that he’s really just hoping to hoping to generate a lot of
cash and sell his business.  Not at all, says the veteran island
entrepreneur and die-hard sailor. "The idea is to give someone else
the chance to do something (with their life).  A lot of people are
afraid to take a chance," he said.  "The business is not ‘for sale.’
This is an opportunity for someone who’s stuck in a rut.  This can help
them get out of it."

Gary’s a sweet guy, and sometimes he’s emotional.  He wants to start an eco-camp on another Caribbean island and help motivate youngsters to be responsible, stay in school and learn skills.

Here’s Gary’s comment:

Dear Jen, Thanks for the support. It is going to be fun . I hope to
find the right person to take my place. It could be you . I hope you
checked out the web site . thanks Gary

Greg … sure am glad you had a good
time on St John. I seem to remember you had a few friends helping you
with that . But you forgot to mention I have the best prices on

Peter, there are three mistakes in the artical about the
contest. 1)The max number of entries is 12,000 and the min is
8,000,.,… 2)My business is worth about $350,000.00 If I were to sell
it , which I am NOT……………….. 3) The &100.00 entry fee
tells me you at least have a dream about living in the us Virgina
Islands and that your willing to take a chance in life….. You may be
lacking in this area,,,, Think???Its obvious you have not visited the
web site and read my letter. Maybe you should!!!!!!!!

Bill Wise,What is
it that,,,, "Sounds like a loser to me". If you never think you can win
you won’t!!If you listen to those people who say you can’t , You
won’t!! My store is located at the Lumber Complex ,bottom floor with 10
inches of concrete on all sides and a 8 inch ceiling.I have the best
location for a hurricane on Island, and a great location for business,
for boaters, walk ins, I am located in the center of the main street of
Cruz Bay. Oh yes it only takes common sense to make it through a cat 5
Hurricane Done that!!!! Its handeling the after math thats

jelly Bean, You haven’t been to my website
either. Have You???Its not just about the money. Check out the movies I
recommend you watch before you enter the contest,maybe you’ll
understand where I am coming from…..

Allan, Its easy to see you have
never been to St. John You should, try to find space with my location
with enough space to have a liquor store. If you had checked out my
website you’d fine this isn’t just a liquor store. By the way if you
find a place to open your store and pay first and last months rent plus
deposit and put in the shelfing, coolers and stock it for under a 100
grand tell me how you did it , will you??Oh yes the odds of winning
this store fully stocked are 1 in 15000…. But your the guy that plays
the $1.00 lotto everyday right!!!

Hey Steve, When I started this last
year I had no idea what I was doing!!!I made a few mistakes and LEARNED
alot.. I screwed up on the advertising. Last year the entry fee was
$200.00 with no more than 8000 entries and it was set up so 1 in every
50 people would win at least $250.00 or more. I stated in the rules
that if we didn’t get enough entries I would return everybody’s money
less $15.00 for postage handeing paper envelopes and all that stuff.But
sense I messed up with the ads. I sent all the money back to each
person who entered. And Steve, I payed for all 1286 stamps. Last year
was mostly word of mouth advertising. And Steve you wouldn’t belive how
many phone calls I have had asking when is it going to start……

my life people have said you can’t do that ,or that will never work I
Love those people,, they keep me thinking. I already have my next
adventure in mind , do you???

2 thoughts on “Mixology Warehouse worth $1 million?”

  1. call me stupid, but this is a great opportunity for anyone with a true entrepunuer spirit. i guess it takes one to see one. i say “hats off” to gary for two things; making money (for those who dont realize, thats why your in business) and secondly, blessing someone with an opportunity to do the same.
    my wife and i visit st. john every year and we feel at home in paradise. our plans have always been to move to stj when our baby girl graduates an we have been trying to have our game plan ready, so this opportunity for us is an answer to prayer. i dont play lottery and as i see it, this isnt a chance, this is a gift given based on the passion of the giver and one recieving, so you can expect to see my entry. they always say its better to give than recieve, and i know this is true, but the recieving in this circumstance would be pretty darn awesome. great plan gary. greg neely
    zebulon, ga.

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