Canvas Factory closed

Another of tenant at Mongoose Junction has left the building. 

The Canvas Factory went out of business August 18th.  The small shop, offered hand-sewn cotton and canvas baseball caps, briefcases small luggage  pieces and gift items like change purses (or iPod cases?).  It’s very sad to see them not only leave Mongoose but go out of business, period.

I’d heard the 27-year-old business was sold a few years ago, and stopped in to talk with the new owner.  She told me she was too busy to talk because she was getting ready to attend a writer’s conference in the states.

Given that other original tenants, like the artist Don Schnell
and a hair salon, long timers in the location, have also left, you have
to think the rising real estate taxes (which are passed along to
renters) played a part on decisions to leave.  Probably not a heck of a
lot of margin selling briefcases, which makes it tough to absorb large
additional costs for what is called "common area maintenance" and tax
pass-through costs which are added to the rent.

7 thoughts on “Canvas Factory closed”

  1. So sorry to hear this. We always come home with hats(at least 3 baseball caps in the closet), bags and totes for ourselves and family.
    Is all this upscale movement really doing anything good for St. John?

  2. truly sad, it was alway our first and last stop whilst on St. John. Fortunately, they created two special D-ring belts for me with their name tag on it…I shall always treasure my special creations.

  3. I am so sorry to see this business leave St. John…I spoke to the owner several days before closing and what a nice person! I love the items I purchased from this shop. Mongoose needs to get their act together before it is just another empty plaza. It could be such a great place but it has become boring with the same old stuff with high prices.

  4. Frank,
    Would you happen to know where the owenrs of The Canvas Factory are now? I was wondering if they’ve opened a Canvas Factory somewhere else. I used to love St. John back in the ’80’s, but I could see as the years went by that it was losing it’s original small businesses and uniqueness. Sad. Anyway, I hope you can help me locate these people, they made TOP quality canvas things and I’m hoping they still are, somewhere.
    Thank you,
    David McFarland

  5. I was also very sad to find the store gone on our last trip to St. John in April 2009. We looked forward to shopping at the store as was disappointed to find it was closed. This past weekend, my husband lost his favorite hat from the Canvas Factory as very upset knowing that he couldn’t replace it. We are planning a visit in 2010 and would like to know if the owner is still on island or have they moved away. It is always sad to see much beloved people and shops leave because of high taxes.

  6. Andrea … I’ve got two briefcases from Canvas factory … love ’em.
    It might be that the Mongoose Junction people know where the owners went … i believe they sold their house and left the island. I’ve tried to find a # for MG’s offices but haven’t been successful. maybe if you call another tenant in the complex, like The Friends of the VI (which moved into CV’s space).
    Good luck.

  7. I am still using a handbag and 3 of their duffles from 20 years ago. I wish I could get a backpack. It was sad to see them close up years ago.

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