Living the dream: Work, Work, Work

The owners of Gallows Point Gift and Gourmet didn't just buy the business, unlock the door and flip on the lights. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes planning and paperwork to be done first and in a series of e-mails to friends back in the states, Shannon Pursley made it clear she's a working girl before she'll become a shop girl.

"Concentrate on the tasks at hand," she said. "Getting our business licenses, new phones, insurance, a bank account, health cards, meeting with the accountant," and so on.

"We close (sign the papers for the business purchase) on Friday the 13th.  Can you believe we chose that date.  Eeks!"

The plan  is to do the deal at 8 a.m. and, with the former owner, open for business at 9 a.m. and begin a week of training.

However, Shannon and her husband/partner in the venture, David Pursley, are trying to keep a balance.  It's not all work. "Yesterday … we cooked paella on the beach," as Aspen, their dog, lay in the sand.

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  1. There is nobody who gets the details of customer service better than Shannon. I know — I worked with her in her previous life in Denver!
    Shannon and David are great people — stop by their biz where you are in the neighborhood. Aspen is a sweetie, too.

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