Five maps of St. John

Though it’s a small island, St. John seems to have a plethora of maps.  The best-known is the St. John Guidebook's St. John Map, but in the past few years other maps have been offered as a “public service” to promote interest in the businesses which publish them.

The newest is from the Grande Bay Resort (an advertiser with NewsofStJohn.com).  Its basic graphic is a gorgeous satellite photo of Cruz Bay. When you zoom in, various businesses and points of interest are identified.  The four-color 18-by-30 inch map is free and available in Cruz Bay.

Even little Coral Bay has its own map, produced by Syzygy, the art studio and gallery in the Skinny Legs building. It identifies shops and restaurants and beaches on the east end of the island.

The St. John Treasure Map & Guide is in its third year.  It is designed to introduce you to the island's history, culture and business community through a variety of activities. .

One of the most useful maps has been developed by a guy named Sherb using Google Maps. STJ Eats and Drinks is about two years old and even though it lists places like Happy Fish which has gone out of business, it’s still a handy rundown to a lot of what’s available.

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