Wanna see a plane wreck?

Wanna see a plane wreck? 1

(Click on the image to see a Google Map of Cinnamon Bay)

Gerald Singer, author of the best island trail and beach guide, posted on his blog that what’s left of  a small airplane rests just below the surface of Little Cinnamon Bay. It can easily be seen by snorkelers.  His photos show a decaying propeller and engine.

Until now, snorkelers have always considered the underwater trail at Trunk Bay a ‘must do.’  Now, Little Cinnamon may start get some snorkel love.

Where IS it, you ask?  Even locals might have a hard time locating it.  Singer’s directions:

When you get to the beach at Cinnamon Bay go left (west) and walk to the end of the sand where you will meet an iron gate …. Pass through the gate and pick up a narrow trail that leads through the bush along the shoreline and over a section of rocks, before emerging at the beach at Little Cinnamon.

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  1. Great info to post for snorkel lovers! Does anyone know the story on the craft that went down? I went 2 weeks ago and was almost surprised I actually found this in the vast ocean on my own. It is probably around 150 ft away from the rocks and before the palm trees if facing Little Cinnamon beach. Probably about the same distance away from the beach. I only had flip flops on the walk over the trail; would suggest sturdier walking shoes. Great fun! Thanks for sharing.

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