Fall Raffle Announcement:  We Want your Input!

Fall Raffle Announcement: We Want your Input!

Good Morning All!

In mid-August,  Governor Bryan announced a step back in the progress of the territory’s fight against COVID-19.  In his press conference, he responded to the recent surge of cases on the St. Thomas and St. John district with an announcement that we would be reverting to the orange or “Stay at Home” phase beginning Monday, August 17.  (Read the full report here.)

Now, three weeks later,  the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the territory continues to climb, but a bit more slowly since the closure of tourism.   As of September 1, VITEMA reported 6 active cases on St. John, 103 on St. Thomas and 21 on St. Croix.  The governor said the closure to tourism would remain in effect until at least September 18.  The Stay at Home orders are in effect until at least the 8th.

Fall Raffle Announcement: We Want your Input! 1

Despite these trying times for the territory, we decided it might be time to do something to spread a little positivity and shed some light on some good work happening down here.  We are getting another charity raffle started to launch this fall.  And we want your input!

In the past, Jenn Manes (and YOUR generosity!) has done some AMAZING fundraising for St. John’s local charities using the News of St. John platform.  In her seven years of ownership, she raised over half a million dollars to benefit health care, animals, children’s groups and educational programs (to name a few) via online raffles for deluxe accommodations on St. John!  When the new owners took over at the beginning of June, they announced their dedication to continuing this tradition.

Our questions for you….

What organization or initiative on island would you like to see supported by the next round of fundraising?  Environmental programs, hurricane recovery and resiliency, support for small businesses, educational programs, support for seniors and the underprivileged, mental health care and agricultural initiatives are all some examples of programs happening on island that we can get behind!

What would you like to see as prizes?

What/where is your dream stay on St. John?  Tell us about your dream vacation and what it would include?  What is your favorite excursion?

We are currently soliciting donations for the 2020 Fall raffle.  If you are a villa or boat owner and would like to donate a stay or a trip, please email [email protected] to find out how to promote your business in support of a great cause!

Comment below and let us know your feedback!  For more info on the raffles and charities supported in the past, check out the results of Jenn’s final raffle!

25 thoughts on “Fall Raffle Announcement: We Want your Input!”

  1. I would imagine that mental health care could use the support. It’s a tough time for everyone right now and I would assume that the need for help has only increased recently.

  2. Hmmm, I like ALL of the above as how to spend the money made. So I’m not much use there, altho ‘with the tendency to more Hurricanes in the last few years , I think definitely a part should go to that.

    Now as to where my “Dream Vacation” would be? Pretty much anywhere close to Cruz Bay , we find the Coral Bay area a bit far away from our favorite beaches. 2 bedrooms is sufficient , we’re easily pleased! BUT if it was DREAM DREAM it would be flight included, 6-8 bedrooms in the St Peter enclave just out of Cruz Bay.
    Is that going a bit “overboard” !?!

  3. First of all we don’t know when this virus is going to stop or calm down. Therefore we have no way to even plan a future trip to STJ ( we have visited at least 15 times in the last 10 years, and consider it a “second” home). I believe tourism accounts for at least 90% of the local economy, therefore I think that for the island to even survive, the main support has to be to local small businesses. The donated prizes should have an open-ended time to redeem to make them reasonably desirable. Good luck, and thanks for your concern and desire to keep paradise open for those who live and visit there.

  4. Hello,
    A raffle for small businesses and the health care system for sure!
    Love staying at the Westin!
    Love shopping all around the island!
    Any items made from St. Johnians would be great at auction.
    I have not seen any woven baskets in the auctionS that were made by St. Johnians!
    Art work such as that on display at Morgan’s Mango.
    And of course food.

    Hope this helps.
    Can’t wait for the bidding to begin!
    Stay safe,
    Marianne Davessar
    Can’t wait for the bidding to begin!

  5. Any and all of the raffles have benefited great causes, but if I were to choose one, it would be to benefit the health care system on ST. JOHN.

  6. My vote would be first for the small businesses on the island. I am sure the lack of tourists has been really hurting them!! The second would be for the schools. I work for a small school in Upstate NY and I know who small the budgets are!!!
    As for a raffle package, I would say a place as close to Cruz Bay as possible. It’s a great area. And if airfare & Jeep rental was included, that would be perfect!!!!

  7. My wife and I visited last year and I got the opportunity for a short trip last Sep.

    We spent time walking dogs at the ACC and were luck enough to be there during tourism week. My wife and I cleaned Cruz bay beach from end to end. We were happy to do it but disgusted by people littering.

    For causes, hurricane relief is always needed. (Hopefully not this year)I think a way to help businesses would be a fund for PPE and supplies. Having to add cleaners, gloves, masks etc is expensive. We’re in this mess for a while so that could be helpful.
    We are looking forward to coming back as soon as we can. For me St John is the prize, sitting on a beach chair at Trunk is all the grand prize I need. Stay safe

  8. Health Care, School, Animal Shelter would get my votes. For a prize, I would like two guaranteed seats at the bar for Skinny Legs’ Kentucky Derby Party! 😉

  9. Every area can use financial help, and each cause is so important. I would vote for small businesses at this point, as without business, where would the island be. I’d be happy with any of the causes you end up choosing though.

    A dream vacation would be a week’s stay in a villa in Peter Bay, coupled with an excursion on the water. An added bonus would be dinner for 2 at one of the high-end restaurants.

  10. All great causes, but if I have to prioritize I’d suggest: 1) senior care and the underprivileged (they always need help, but particularly now, and 2) educational causes, inclusive of all the schools (i.e., Sprauve, Gifft Hill, Christian). I offer #2 because the kids are really struggling with this new reality, and any help we can offer will certainly pay dividends.
    Again, all great causes, and will absolutely support whatever is decided upon.

  11. Why can’t we give without expecting anything back? What draws you to the island? For me and my with is the people on St John, Love City.
    We have all given to a charity donation and didn’t receive anything back. St John is still recovering from two previous hurricanes and now covid. Why can’t we give from our heart whatever amount we can afford, give back to a place we ALL LOVE AND RETURN YEAR AFTER YEAR, for some or most of us. A lot of businesses are struggling. Why ask them for for a raffle donation when we can give something back to them saying Thank You. Any money should be designated to charities who are in most need. Stay Safe

  12. Small Business!
    Small Business!
    Small Business!

    They fuel everything and without them tourism would be next to nothing.
    …residents of Peters Bay need to step up and offer a week. That could be a great Grand Prize.

  13. Small businesses need a lot of help at this time just to stay afloat. I would like to see the funds go to this cause as well as Hurricane relief.

  14. I think the small businesses should benefit from this raffle. They are a great part of the tourism. People love to shop for unique items while on vacation and I’m sure with the lack of tourists right now they must be suffering greatly.
    I have visited St. John twice and it is my all time favorite place to go. I’d love to go back and stay in a quaint villa and live like a local for awhile. Someday I hope to move there.

  15. I am sure there are many organizations that could use some help right now. You would know better which ones to choose. Dream vacation would be a house on the north shore with a beautiful view and included taxi services so I don’t have to drive!

  16. I follow the vote for mental health services and general
    affordable health care at Island Health and Wellness’Climic offering free:low cost counseling now by phone.

  17. I suggest small businesses first. They are the lifeblood of the island. However, all the suggestions are great ideas.

    I’ve been coming to STJ since 1992 almost yearly, and have missed only a few years during that time. I canceled my trip for this past April but rebooked for next March.

    I’ve stayed in many villas and many times at Caneel, however my dream vacation would be a large villa so I could bring my 2 kids, their spouses and my 6 grandkids. I want my grandkids to experience, enjoy, and love STJ as much as I do.

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