Governor Confirms Stay at Home Extension

Governor Confirms Stay at Home Extension

Governor Bryan confirmed at today’s press conference the extension of the Stay at Home order, which expires at 8:00 am on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.   Under this policy, non-essential businesses and schools will remain closed, and restaurants will remain open for take-out only.  There was no discussion regarding an extension of the visitor ban which is currently set to expire on September 18, 2020.

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According to Governor Bryan, we need to get the community spread down to an acceptable number.  Given that we are seeing a reduction in our positivity rate, he believes the Stay at Home order is working, and the government looks forward to relaxing the current policies if this trend continues.

“We are doing all of this just to keep people safe, and we ask that you do the right thing,” said the Governor, adding that he feels we are doing a tremendous job in complying with the guidelines, and asked that we continue to be smart and responsible.

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There are currently 9 COVID-19 positive patients in the hospital on St. Thomas, and 2 on St. Croix.

The government will be distributing free masks on St. John next week.   We will keep you posted as information is released about the mask distribution date and location.

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  1. I thought there had been a spike? The stats in the article don’t really look that bad. Gov is certainly being very, very cautious and I don’t begrudge. Its his call. Hope the economy can take the hit. Folks must be really hurting by now.

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