New Ferry Schedule!

New Ferry Schedule!

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  I hope things are warming up where you are and that the spring equinox is starting to bring some flowers and warm showers instead of snow 🙂  This weekend, an expanded people ferry schedule was released that should be helpful for all of you who may be arriving later in the evening.

Starting today, Monday March 22, the Red Hook/Cruz Bay people ferry has once again added a few more departure times that are even closer to reflecting the pre-COVID schedule.

New Ferry Schedule! 1

Previously, there were several gaps throughout the evening schedule and a last departure from Red Hook at 9:30 that may have put a damper on your travel plans if you were arriving during the PM hours.  Now, the final departure from Red Hook is 10:30 and the last boat out of Cruz Bay is 10pm daily.  Additionally, the people ferries are back to running on the hour, every hour.

Please consider skipping the line and buying your ferry ticket in advance online.  The lines in Cruz Bay have been LONG and the ferries both ways have been PACKED.  If you’re cutting it close on the departure time of the ferry, buying your ticket online may mean not missing the boat.  It’s a great service that was added late last year and I hope that it helps make your travel day a bit more seamless!

The Inter Island Ferry between Crown Bay and Cruz Bay is also up and running with THREE departure times daily from each location.  You can also purchase these tickets in advance on their website and enjoy a leisurely boat ride instead of taking a taxi across St. Thomas 🙂

New Ferry Schedule! 2

I also want to add that the car barges have been crazy busy with people reporting up to three hour wait times.  We are back to three barges running (up from two in previous weeks) but it can still be a gamble as to the schedule.  I know that, as busy as it has been, the struggle is real on finding a rental car on St. John.  But, please, please, please, consider renting on STJ instead of St. Thomas in order to cut down on traffic on the barges.  And support a Love City business in the process!  I compiled a complete list of rental cars a few weeks ago for you to use.

New Ferry Schedule! 3
The lines for the barge can be a pain! Rent a car on St. John or utilize the many taxi services on island!


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  1. This is helpful info. We’re currently enjoying our 12th annual visit and love the Crown Bay ferry. The link to their website didn’t work for me. Could you kindly let me know what it is? Also, any info about the chances of visitors taking advantage of the reported surplus of COVID vaccine while here on vacation? We don’t have a phone that works here, just email, unfortunately.

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