An Update on The Tap Room


We stopped by The Tap Room the other day, and I have to say, I was quite impressed with the new space – so much so that I wanted to share the details with all of you.

For those of you who follow News of St. John, you probably recall how a fire destroyed The Tap Room last January. (Click here to read all about it.) The boys opened a temporary space adjacent to the old Tap Room back in March and they’ve been working on rebuilding the old Tap Room ever since.

Here’s some great news: The new Tap Room will be more than three times the size of the old one. How exciting is that??!! The new Tap Room will be in the same spot as the original, but the boys are also taking over the space formerly occupied by The Beauty Lounge.

The new and improved Tap Room is expected to open in early or mid 2016. The new space will have a much larger u-shaped bar and tons of seating. There will also be more space for live music. The new Tap Room will have more dinner and entree choices too – delish!

Check out a video Kevin made last week:

In other St. John Brewers news…

The boys have just launched their first canned beer. Summer Ale is now being offered in both cans and bottles, so those of you who want to bring a St. John Brewers’ brew to the beach or on a boat where bottles aren’t allowed, you can now do so. For now, the cans are only being sold within the territory. So if you’re living up North and want to try one, you’re going to have to come and see us. Sounds pretty good to me!


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