Three Unbelievable Yachts are Here Right Now

eos rising sun november 2015

You know you live in an incredible place when three of the most amazing yachts in the world choose your little island as a place to hang out during Thanksgiving week.

Yesterday was a tad cloudy and cool, so I decided to take Charlie, my ACC rescue extraordinaire, for a little cruise around the island. (Charlie adores his car rides.) I was coming over a hill on my way into Coral Bay when I noticed a very tall mast in the distance. I pulled out my phone and checked out Marine Traffic and confirmed that the mast belonged to Eos, one of the most amazing sailing ships in the world. I immediately scrapped my plans to take Charlie to the Tourist Trap for lunch and I headed East.

charlie car

A few minutes later, we arrived at my friend Thalia’s land over at Hansen Bay. Eos was anchored just offshore so Charlie and I had a great vantage point.

For those of you unfamiliar with Eos, it’s one of the world’s largest sailing ships. It’s 305-feet long and is rumored to have cost $200 million to build. It’s owner by media mogul Barry Diller and his fashion mogul wife Diana von Furstenberg. Eos last visited St. John in November 2013. Click here to read all about it.

Here’s a pic of Charlie checking out Eos:

charlie eos

So as we were heading back to Cruz Bay, another yacht caught my eye. I pulled over to an overlook and noticed that the Rising Sun was pulling in to Hansen Bay also.

rising sun november 2015

We wrote about the Rising Sun a few weeks ago as it made its way past St. John. Click here to read all about that. 

At 453 feet long, the Rising Sun is the sixth largest yacht in the world. It’s owner by David Geffen, a record executive who launched the careers of Guns N’ Roses, the Eagles and Aerosmith. The Rising Sun and Eos tend to hang out together. Here’s a pic of the two yachts together near Ditliff Point back in November 2013. Click here to read about that visit.

Image courtesy of Scott and Kathy Trerotola, owners of One Villa
Image courtesy of Scott and Kathy Trerotola, owners of One Villa

But wait there’s more!

So I woke up this morning and was playing on my phone when I noticed that a third incredible yacht was anchored off of Lindt Point and out near Lovango – Venus. Venus is the yacht that Steve Jobs of Apple was building when he passed away. Here’s a pic of it on Sunday morning:

venus ferry

And here’s a closer image taken by the late Captain John Brandi back in 2014:

Three Unbelievable Yachts are Here Right Now 1

So again, it makes you feel pretty darn special to be able to wake up and see these incredible yachts right in your own backyard… Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. There must be 500 hundred dogs lookin like Charlie, about 8 years ago my daughter adopted her dog from Stj …looks like yours …dad was a busy boy!

  2. Very nice write up and photos! St John seems to attract these mega yachts. I sailed by the Princess Subaru once off STJ — you guessed it, his and hers matching white Subaru cars topside and a white helicopter.

  3. Curious question for those of you in the know……Do the people who are on these yachts ever come ashore or do they just admire the beauty from their decks? Not meaning to sound snarky or negative, just genuine curiosity :).

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