New menu at Tamarind (Food) Court

A former bartender at the Stone Terrace has returned to the island's foodie business, taking one small step to what could become another St. John restaurant.

Allen Lancaster's Gastrogrub is an unpredictable, imaginative dining experience at the Inn at Tamarind Court.  The Inn is known for its value priced rooms, but also its dining patio which features a different specialty food menu each night of the week, prepared often by locals who like to cook.Gastro_log

An anonymous reviewer at the St. John Sun Times praised Gastrogrub's "sinfully rich" Swedish meatballs and pork braised in St. John Brewers' Tropical Mango Pale Ale.  But, added the paper, "The blue ribbon goes to the Gangsta Mac n cheez – you simply cannot go wrong with seven different kinds of cheese."

Gastrogrub is 'open' Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The menu: http://www.gastrogrub.com/menu

2 thoughts on “New menu at Tamarind (Food) Court”

  1. hi
    i will be visiting in dec and wondered if anone can tell me if the starfish market accepts coupons?
    thanks in advance, carol

  2. Gastro Grub is definately worth it!!! Give it try and see how good its feels to fill your body with food prepared by people who love to enjoy the endless possibilities of good grub!!!!

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