8 Tuff Miles: 24 Days to Go

Eloise Anderson
, the new newspaper publisher in town, has wasted little time getting involved in the island.  Six months into ownership of the St. John Sun Times, she’s added talent from the mainland, coached folks already writing for the bi-weekly, and adopted a positive mission statement: "The Sun Times Family:  Always free. Always positive."

Anderson’s also signed up the paper as a co-sponsor of the 8 Tuff Miles road race.  Beyond offering coverage and probably a contribution to help pay costs of the event which will draw hundreds of runners, Anderson’s also putting herself on the line.  She’s going to run, too. 

But, wait! She’s procrastinating!

"I have been working a lot, selling my house in Los Angeles … so there’s not much free time" to do practice runs. 

She did take one baby preparation step; she got a physical exam.  Then, she thought she was ready to join in a tune up. "Today my running shoes are in the backseat. I WILL go."  But the best intentions didn’t help.  Anderson felt the next issue of the Sun Times needed a lot of work on the day of the practice run. Instead, she wrote, "I go on in to work, and work all day and night, not much thought of running."

Race organizer Peter Alter counsels Anderson and all 8 Tuff Milers to be serious about preparing for the race from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay. "Train smart, eat right, and stretch before and after," he says.

Good advice for Eloise … and all. 

Will Eloise’s running shoes ever get out of her car? 

Will the newspaper editor show up at a Tune Up run? 

Stay tuned? (No pun intended.)

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