VI magazine added to Seaborne flights

Virgin Voice
, which features occasional coverage of St. John, will be the exclusive magazine in the seat backs of all Seaborne flights flying between the U.S and British Virgin Islands and Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“The addition of business and politics to Virgin Voice’s seven-year publishing mix of people, places, arts and culture, food, and dining will create a compelling read for both locals and our island visitors,” adds Virgin Voice publisher Maura Curley.

1 thought on “VI magazine added to Seaborne flights”

  1. We are excited about the new partnership between Virgin Voice and Seaborne Airlines, and appreciate your letting News of St. John readers know about this new development.
    I want to clarify, however, that Virgin Voice does not include just occasional coverage
    of St. John.
    St. John is prominently featured in EVERY issue of Virgin Voice.
    Maura Curley
    Virgin Voice

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